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The more danger, the more honour.TrustedWatch are calling dubious traders to account

The TrustedWatch reports and their strong positioning in the watch sector are a thorn in the side of many dubius traders in the watch branch. Over and over again, the black sheep try to legally hinder or stop TrustedWatch reporting about them. Up until now, none of them has managed this, and thus some of these types are resorting to foul methods.

Currently, libellous and untruthful entries on a blog have been traced to a man from Austria who had twice taken TrustedWatch to court due to their reporting about his fake "watch brand" and his business methods. After he had lost both cases, he started to spread untruthful allegations about TrustedWatch on the internet. After many months of research using an enterprise specialising in such offences, and with the support of the public prosecutor's office, we succeeded in having the culprit arrested. As well as a conviction in the criminal courts, the result of a civil action was that the culprit was ordered to forfeit the entire legal costs and the inquiry costs at the rate of 28,352 euros, in addition to interest charges, as well as a compensation payment to the sum of 18,400 euros to TrustedWatch, because, as can be proved, his reports were damaging to business. All together, the whole process cost the culprit more than the 50,000 euros, which have already been paid to the account of TrustedWatch.

For Managing Director Frank Ammann, such offences, and in particular from competitors, is not a pardonable offence, and can only be countered with zero tolerance. Currently, inquiries are ongoing into two other cases, as well as legal measures which are being taken against a watch forum in Germany and another blog in the USA on which untruthful allegations about TrustedWatch have been published.