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TrustedWatch starts up in Poland!Wojtek Wojtkowski is going to be the new Editor in Chief of Eastern Europe

At the beginning of September 2011, Wojtek Wojtkowski starts his new job as Editor in Chief of Eastern Europe with TrustedWatch. Over the past few days, TrustedWatch Managing Director Frank Ammann was able to convince the studied Germanist and renowned watch expert Wojtek Wojtkowski to take on this new position. Mr. Wojtkowski speaks fluent Polish, German, English and Russian. As well as his passion for watches, he is also interested in photography and foreign countries.

Frank Ammann has expressed his pleasure that, with Wojtek Wojtkowski, an experienced media man will be strengthening the editorial staff. Over the next few months, Wojtek Wojtkowski will implement the Polish language version of TrustedWatch as the initial step. During the same period, several thousand pages of editorial content and information is to be translated. The ambitious aim of Wojtek Wojtkowski and his team is to begin the Polish language version this year, and to set up TrustedWatch in Poland as an unlimited market leader in the subject of timepieces and luxury watches.

Poland is, with its 38 million inhabitants, the seventh largest country in Europe and the sixth largest national economy in the European Union. It is ranked twentieth in the world economy and is developing dynamically and continuously.