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Master watchmakers A. LANGE & SÖHNE AKADEMIE has been opened

(09/2007) Nothing remains more firmly implanted in our memory than what we have experienced ourselves or – better still – created with our own hands. Who ever visits the Lange factory and been allowed to look over the shoulders of the master watchmakers as they perform their highly concentrated and extremely complicated work, begins to understand just how much in the way of precision and, above all else, passion, goes into a watch that bears the signature of “A. Lange & Söhne”.

Diver's watch with armored glass Entirely in its element - Breitling Superocean Héritage 46 & Superocean Héritage 38

(09/2007) In 1957, having already established its mastery of the skies, Breitling set off to conquer the maritime depths by launching the Superocean, a diver's watch featuring a monohull case and armored glass guaranteeing water resistance to 200 meters (660 feet) and representing an exceptional technical feat at that time. Designed to equip professional and military divers, and particularly special troops, the Superocean soon gained a following among enthusiasts of leisure diving, an increasingly popular activity.

The model of the famous five-minute clock How time came to Glashuette

(09/2007) The collection of historical timepieces in the Mathematisch-Physikalischen Salon in the Dresdner Zwinger is one of the most important collections in the world. It provides an overview of the history of precision clock- and watch-making from the 16th to 19th century, which was at its peak in Europe at that time. In this unique setting, the art of watchmaking in Saxony is very prominent.

Power and elegance Breitling designs a new clock for Bentley

(07/2007) To accompany the launch of the Continental GT Speed, the latest epitome of power and elegance from Bentley, Breitling has entirely redesigned the dashboard clock equipping the famous Continental models. In 2002, Breitling heralded its prestigious alliance with Bentley by contributing to the design of the technical instrumentation and by creating the dashboard clock for the new Continental GT.

Live music, free beer, and grilled gastronomic specialties Topping-Out Ceremony for German Watch Museum Glashütte

(06/2007) A traditional topping-out ceremony took place at the construction site of the German Watch Museum Glashütte on June 28, 2007, celebrating the end of another important construction phase. After clearing away one complete floor and completing a new attic, the point has now been reached where the historical state of the building can once again be attained.

Three further models IWC: News about the Ingenieur

(06/2007) The Ingenieur has been a watchword for fifty years and, like no other watch, plays a part in the success story of the Schaffhausen manufactory. The pursuit of progress maintains its steady course with The Big Ingenieur, the Ingenieur Automatic 44 millimetre and the Ingenieur Automatic 40 millimetre.

Supreme horological achievement H. Moser & Cie: The HENRY Double Hairspring

(05/2007) A tonneau watch with a double hairspring. With an innovation for the oscillating system, the most complicated component of the mechanical watch. The legendary elegance of a Moser watch in combination with a unique escapement designed to exclude gravitational error. Two self-compensating and antimagnetic helical springs oscillate against one another.

Watch of the Year The winners are two german watches

(05/2007) Wempe received a huge honour in April 2007: On the opening day of Baselworld, the world’s most important trade fair for watches, the Zeitmeister ladies’ watch from Wempe was crowned “Watch of the Year”. Readers of Die Welt, Welt am Sonntag and the watch magazine Armbanduhren chose this watch from Glashütte in Saxony as their favourite from a field of 72 ladies’ watches. A total of 11,893 readers took part in the survey, so this cherished award is a genuine sign of public recognition.

Montblanc and the Salon of fine watches A glittering appearance at the SIHH 2007 in Geneva

(04/2007) The brand Montblanc, rooted now for 100 years in writing culture, has also long been one of the established watch manufacturers attending the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva every year. The timepieces with the white star, produced in the Swiss location of Le Locle by Montblanc Montre S.A., stand for high, traditional craftsmanship in contemporary design.

Straumann double hairspring escapement H. Moser & Cie: Extraordinary technology in fascinatingly elegant watches

(04/2007) H. Moser & Cie is again revolutionizing the heart of the mechanical watch: this time, the escapement. The interchangeable Moser escapement module in all watches from H. Moser & Cie created a major sensation throughout the world at the time of its introduction. The use of traditional materials of the highest grade in conjunction with the simplest and most reliable interchangeability appealed to watchmakers and watch enthusiasts alike.

BASELNEWS 2007 Glycine AIRMAN 7 Plaza Mayor: generous, but yet modest

(04/2007) The AIRMAN 7, with its three independent movements and probably the most well-known and largest watch by Glycine, is being extended: the AIRMAN 7 Plaza Mayor. The three movements are fitted into a curved Carré case, so that despite the impressive size of 53 by 53 mm the watch still rests ergonomically on the wrist.

International Academy of Visual Arts W3 Silver Award for the Vacheron Constantin Website

(03/2007) After winning the Standard of Excellence Web Award from the prestigious Web Marketing Association and the Official Honoree Webby Award (the Oscars of the Web according to Time Magazine), Vacheron Constantin’s international website has now been given a W3 Silver Award by the highly respected International Academy of Visual Arts. This organisation is a veritable Who’s Who of professionals in the worlds of the media, interactivity, marketing and advertising.

Good value Glycine COMBAT 07 Automatic: functional and clean lines

(02/2007) The COMBAT 07 Automatic looks every inch a classic and embodies everything that a functional quality watch should be "and nothing more, quite consciously," says Katherina Brechbühler. The lines of the new automatic COMBAT are clean in every respect, from the casing to the dial and the hands. The ergonomics have improved over those of its predecessor, which is why the watch fits the wrist even better.

Watch of the Year Awards in Dubaï Vacheron Constantin among the winners

(02/2007) During the 2006 Watch of the Year Awards organised by the watch and jewellery magazine Alam Assaat Wal Moujawharat on February 13th 2007 in Dubaï, Vacheron Constantin’s Patrimony Contemporaine Collection Excellence Platine was awarded first prize for the best “Classic Watch”. This was one of 13 categories.

BASELNEWS 2007 Steel Temper - Breitling Avenger Skyland

(02/2007) Within the Breitling philosophy, the conception of a chronograph is governed by four essential criteria: sturdiness, functionality, precision and aesthetic sophistication. The new Avenger Skyland is a perfect illustration of this approach. Based on the solid Avenger “platform” and reflecting all its attributes, its rugged construction includes a screw-locked crown protected by substantial crown guards, pushpiece reinforcements screwed into steel as well as a thick glare-proofed sapphire crystal.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary Vacheron Constantin at the Geneva Barbier-Mueller Museum

(02/2007) Vacheron Constantin is a partner of the Barbier-Mueller Museum in Geneva, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The Geneva watch manufacturer held three dinners in this magical place to introduce a select group of guests to the museum’s exceptional private collection of primitive arts – the largest in the world.

Recognisable watch-design New face: Glycine COMBAT 07 Chronograph

(01/2007) The Glycine COMBAT family already has a great tradition of chronographs. CEO Katherina Brechbühler realises that "they're amongst Glycine's most popular watches". Little wonder then that she continues to develop this watch and constantly improve it, resulting in the Glycine COMBAT 07 Chronograph, with a screwed down crown and fresh design.

New generation of surprising horological innovations The brilliant renaissance of the IWC Da Vinci

(01/2007) IWC Schaffhausen is bringing the Da Vinci into the future with a new generation of surprising horological innovations. The three members of the new Da Vinci family not only appear in an attractive tonneau-shaped case, they also do justice to their name as a byword for advanced technologies. With the Da Vinci Chronograph, IWC Schaffhausen has developed its first proprietary chronograph movement and has given it a modern interpretation with an incomparable analogue time display.

Diver safety Glycine COMBAT SUB Automatic: the robust diver's watch

(12/2006) The primary objective when choosing components for the Glycine COMBAT SUB is robustness, and thus diver safety. The case is made of high-grade stainless steel, furnished with scratch-resistant sapphire glass and a protected screw-down crown. Superb legibility, one of Glycine's main concerns, is guaranteed by luminous features and a clear, simple design. The striking rotating bezel gives the COMBAT SUB its classic, diver's watch design. The steel back is decorated with a diving symbol.

Russian Watch Press Awards Vacheron Constantin awarded

(12/2006) In December 2006, in Russia, Vacheron Constantin’s Patrimony Collection Excellence Platine received first prize in the men’s watch category at the Russian Watch Press Awards. This annual prize is chosen by a jury comprising such well-known editors in chief and journalists as Alex Vetrov, editor of Watches, Alex Kulish, editor of Forbes Style, Aleksei Kutkovoi, editor of Tourbillion, Denis Peshkov, editor of Revolution, Alexei Tarkhanov, chief of Culture section, Kommersant, Nikolai Uskov, editor-in-chief GQ and Uriy Khnichrin, an editor at Robb Report.

La Revue des Montres Vacheron Constantin is awarded two Prix de l’Année 2006

(11/2006) On November 28, Vacheron Constantin was awarded two Prix de l'Année 2006 by the French watch magazine, La Revue des Montres. The awards were made at the Musée des Arts et Métiers, right in the heart of Paris. Marc Guten, Vacheron Constantin’s International Director, and Jean-Yves Di Martino, Director of Vacheron Constantin France, both present for the occasion, received the awards from Stephan Ciejka, the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

Dual visualization of measured times Breitling Skyracer: THE HEIGHT OF MECHANICAL FUNCTIONALITY

(11/2006) The Professional line is the showcase for Breitling's technological expertise, not only in the field of electronics, but also in that of mechanical watchmaking. Witness the new Skyracer, a selfwinding chronograph designed to be the most efficient in its category. With this in mind, Breitling has equipped it with the new Caliber 27, an exclusive mechanism enabling dual visualization of measured times.

Outstanding value for money. New: WEMPE ZEITMEISTER Glashütte i/SA

(10/2006) The German title “Meister” ("master craftsman") has always stood for acknowledged expertise and quality. The Association of German Jewellery Retailers established this qualification for watchmakers in the 1950s. Equivalent to the contemporary notion of “time management,” the German phrase “Zeit meistern" (literally "to master one’s time"), also dates from the 1950s, the period of West Germany’s economic revival.

Easy management of flight times In titanium or steel: The new flight instrument Co-Pilot by breitling

(10/2006) The new Co-Pilot module is designed to meet the expectations of Breitling's privileged users, who are first and foremost private and professional pilots, whether civilian or military. Efficient and high on performance, this auxiliary electronic module in titanium or steel does not merely indicate local time or universal time (UTC); it also enables easy management of flight times.

On-the-dot precision INCURSORE Arco II: Commitment to high readability and aesthetics

(10/2006) With its large dot in the centre o the dial, the INCURSORE Arco II stands out straight away. The hour is displayed on this dot with an extremely short hand. On the outer rings, the colours stand out just as clearly as those of the ‘centre dot’, and there is both a scale of 5 to 60 and a countdown scale of 60 back down to 0.“This is a dial that gives a strong technical impression,” says CEO Katherina Brechbühler.

Chronometer-certified by the COSC Breitling Blackbird: The Individuality Instinct

(06/2006) For Breitling, the name Blackbird traditionally refers to a special series designed on the basis of the Chronomat, the brand's flagship model. The new Blackbird is an original chronograph distinguished by the strength of its design and its undeniable individuality instinct. It radiates a personality all its own within the Breitling wrist instrument collection.

Unique brother AIRMAN SST 06 D24: Rarity for Aficionados

(05/2006) The unique brother of the AIRMAN SST 06 is the Double 24, the design of the case is also influenced by the “Pumpkin” from the 60’s. It simultaneously displays three optional 24 hour time zones – very seldom found on the watch market. This is made possible by the double 24 hour display from the centre, complemented by an independent rotating bezel which is set by a crown at two o’clock.

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