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Diver safety Glycine COMBAT SUB Automatic: the robust diver's watch

(12/2006) The primary objective when choosing components for the Glycine COMBAT SUB is robustness, and thus diver safety. The case is made of high-grade stainless steel, furnished with scratch-resistant sapphire glass and a protected screw-down crown. Superb legibility, one of Glycine's main concerns, is guaranteed by luminous features and a clear, simple design. The striking rotating bezel gives the COMBAT SUB its classic, diver's watch design. The steel back is decorated with a diving symbol.

Russian Watch Press Awards Vacheron Constantin awarded

(12/2006) In December 2006, in Russia, Vacheron Constantin’s Patrimony Collection Excellence Platine received first prize in the men’s watch category at the Russian Watch Press Awards. This annual prize is chosen by a jury comprising such well-known editors in chief and journalists as Alex Vetrov, editor of Watches, Alex Kulish, editor of Forbes Style, Aleksei Kutkovoi, editor of Tourbillion, Denis Peshkov, editor of Revolution, Alexei Tarkhanov, chief of Culture section, Kommersant, Nikolai Uskov, editor-in-chief GQ and Uriy Khnichrin, an editor at Robb Report.

La Revue des Montres Vacheron Constantin is awarded two Prix de l’Année 2006

(11/2006) On November 28, Vacheron Constantin was awarded two Prix de l'Année 2006 by the French watch magazine, La Revue des Montres. The awards were made at the Musée des Arts et Métiers, right in the heart of Paris. Marc Guten, Vacheron Constantin’s International Director, and Jean-Yves Di Martino, Director of Vacheron Constantin France, both present for the occasion, received the awards from Stephan Ciejka, the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

Dual visualization of measured times Breitling Skyracer: THE HEIGHT OF MECHANICAL FUNCTIONALITY

(11/2006) The Professional line is the showcase for Breitling's technological expertise, not only in the field of electronics, but also in that of mechanical watchmaking. Witness the new Skyracer, a selfwinding chronograph designed to be the most efficient in its category. With this in mind, Breitling has equipped it with the new Caliber 27, an exclusive mechanism enabling dual visualization of measured times.

Outstanding value for money. New: WEMPE ZEITMEISTER Glashütte i/SA

(10/2006) The German title “Meister” ("master craftsman") has always stood for acknowledged expertise and quality. The Association of German Jewellery Retailers established this qualification for watchmakers in the 1950s. Equivalent to the contemporary notion of “time management,” the German phrase “Zeit meistern" (literally "to master one’s time"), also dates from the 1950s, the period of West Germany’s economic revival.

Easy management of flight times In titanium or steel: The new flight instrument Co-Pilot by breitling

(10/2006) The new Co-Pilot module is designed to meet the expectations of Breitling's privileged users, who are first and foremost private and professional pilots, whether civilian or military. Efficient and high on performance, this auxiliary electronic module in titanium or steel does not merely indicate local time or universal time (UTC); it also enables easy management of flight times.

On-the-dot precision INCURSORE Arco II: Commitment to high readability and aesthetics

(10/2006) With its large dot in the centre o the dial, the INCURSORE Arco II stands out straight away. The hour is displayed on this dot with an extremely short hand. On the outer rings, the colours stand out just as clearly as those of the ‘centre dot’, and there is both a scale of 5 to 60 and a countdown scale of 60 back down to 0.“This is a dial that gives a strong technical impression,” says CEO Katherina Brechbühler.

Chronometer-certified by the COSC Breitling Blackbird: The Individuality Instinct

(06/2006) For Breitling, the name Blackbird traditionally refers to a special series designed on the basis of the Chronomat, the brand's flagship model. The new Blackbird is an original chronograph distinguished by the strength of its design and its undeniable individuality instinct. It radiates a personality all its own within the Breitling wrist instrument collection.

Unique brother AIRMAN SST 06 D24: Rarity for Aficionados

(05/2006) The unique brother of the AIRMAN SST 06 is the Double 24, the design of the case is also influenced by the “Pumpkin” from the 60’s. It simultaneously displays three optional 24 hour time zones – very seldom found on the watch market. This is made possible by the double 24 hour display from the centre, complemented by an independent rotating bezel which is set by a crown at two o’clock.

Montblanc Presents a World Premiere Montblanc at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie SIHH 2006

(05/2006) Firmly rooted in the culture of craftmanship for the past 100 years, the Montblanc brand has long been counted among the established makers of chronometers represented at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva every year. The chronometers with the white star, produced in Le Locle, Switzerland, by Montblanc Montre S.A., stand for exquisite, traditional craftsmanship coupled with modern design.

Gigantic aquarium Breitling at Baselworld 2006 - A new booth, a new presence

(03/2006) More beautiful, more imposing, more functional: the new Breitling booth inaugurated this year reflects the spirit and the style of the "winged B" brand more clearly than ever. The star of the show is a gigantic aquarium featuring 600 silvery sea bass that appear to be swimming in mid-air in the large central hall.


(03/2006) Breitling adds a new multifunction electronic chronograph named Airwolf to its Professional line. A concentrated blend of performances and efficiency, designed with and for aviation professionals. A recognized leader in mechanical chronographs, Breitling has also asserted itself as a pioneer in electronic timepieces.

BASELNEWS 2006 Glycine AIRMAN SST 06 - Innovation meets Tradition

(03/2006) That tradition doesn’t mean standstill is proven by the almost 100 year old Glycine Watch SA at this year’s Baselworld: it presents new models – the design was inspired by legendary watches from the 60’s and 90’s, the technology is from today.

BASELNEWS 2006 Senator Navigator: The New Pilot’s Watches by Glashütte Original

(03/2006) Looking back on a long tradition in the design and manufacture of pilot’s watches, and thus outfitted with extensive knowledge on the subject, the engineers at the Glashütte Original watch manufactory created two new pilot’s in the watch models Senator Navigator and Senator Navigator Panorama Date. Quality and exceptional detail precision comprised the basic concept in the developing these timepieces for perfectionists without compromise.

BASELNEWS 2006 Patek Philippe presents the Spiromax® balance spring

(03/2006) A year after the launch of the first Swiss lever escapement with a silicon escape wheel (patent application No. EP05006186), Patek Philippe presents an additional fundamental innovation: the Spiromax® balance spring made of Silinvar™. It is an epochal step forward in the constant quest for isochronism in portable mechanical watches. On the occasion of Baselworld 2006, the Geneva workshops will showcase the first watch with this innovation in a second limited “Patek Philippe Advanced Research” edition: the Ref. 5350 with a Spiromax® spring and a silicon escape wheel.

New quartz line Glycine is expanding its watch-collection

(03/2006) The almost 100 year old Glycine Watch SA is known for its mechanical watches and simplicity in design. Now, they are launching a quartz line – with watches that are typical for Glycine: with a clear design, high functionality and good quality. Stylistically the first model, the Iguana Quartz, bears distinctive characteristics of the globally favoured mechanical Combat family by Glycine. Other new quartz models within the Combat line will be introduced step by step by 2007.

A reinterpretation in a contemporary spirit Chronometer-certified by the COSC: BREITLING CHRONO-MATIC, 24H

(02/2006) In 1969, Breitling created the first selfwinding chronograph movement: Caliber 11, a mechanism in which the spring is wound by means of an off-centered oscillating weight. This invention would enable the development of a whole range of chronographs named Chrono-Matic, instantly recognizable thanks to their left-placed crown.

Designed exclusively for women The shimmering Brilliance of the 2005 REINE DE NAPLES Collection

(11/2005) Created at Nicolas G. Hayek’s bidding and designed exclusively for women, the Reine de Naples collection has from the start enjoyed exceptional success. Two new models join the collection this year, adding ever more elegance to the female wrist.

Exclusive presentation GIRARD-PERREGAUX exhibition in Münster

(11/2005) GIRARD-PERREGAUX has chosen the Manufactory theme for the three-day presentation of its collection at OEDING-ERDEL in Münster from Thursday 17 November to Saturday 19 November. Willy Schweizer, the museum’s curator and the Sowind Group’s historian, will be developing this theme at an exclusive presentation to be held on Friday 18 November, starting at 7.00 pm.

Breitling Cockpit - Impeccable elegance, guaranteed performance

(10/2005) Specializing in chronographs for over 120 years, Breitling has also asserted itself as the benchmark in high-end sports watches. In an extremely masculine stylistic vein, the Cockpit is designed for those whose activities do not necessarily require chronograph functions, but who nonetheless wish to wear a watch that is both extremely sporty and impeccably elegant in their everyday life.

Launch of the new Montblanc watches The Star Chronograph XXXL GMT Automatic and the MiniStar

(08/2005) If it is a question of highest quality, perfection and traditional craftsmanship, the Montblanc brand is one of the market leaders – with its world-famous writing instruments, but also with the exclusive Montblanc watches, which are produced by craftsmen in the Swiss location of Le Locle. These include the colourful variants of the “MiniStar” in pink and light blue, as well as the imposing stainless-steel chronograph “Star XXXL GMT Automatic”, the new classic among the Montblanc watches.

A highly complex movement BREITLING MONTBRILLANT OLYMPUS - A rendezvous with tradition

(07/2005) For Breitling, the name Montbrillant refers to chronographs endowed with a wealth of tradition and exclusive features. One such model is the Montbrillant Olympus, a chronograph inspired by the finest products made by the brand in the course of its history. The beaded bezel, for example, is a faithful reproduction of the first chronographs equipped with a slide rule. In the same spirit, the two-tone dial clearly distinguishes the timekeeping zone from the logarithmic scales.

Preserving traditions, shaping the future Montblanc at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie SIHH 2005

(04/2005) Montblanc first exhibited at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) in Geneva in 1997 and has since grown to become a respected and successful maker of fine handcrafted watches. In the summer of 2003, the tremendous success and demand for the company’s products required the extension of the Montblanc production facility in Le Locle, Switzerland, to 1000 sqm. This expansion is firm evidence of the growing success of the Montblanc Watch Collection. Montblanc will be unveiling the latest offerings and innovations at this year’s SIHH 2005.

Landmark creation BREITLING AEROSPACE AVANTAGE - Peerless functionality

(04/2005) For BREITLING, the desire for innovation is second nature. Since its founding in 1884, the firm has made its mark on watchmaking history through an impressive number of inventions. Some of them, such as chronograph pushpieces, have even been adopted by the profession as a whole. The AEROSPACE chronograph is one of these landmark creations.

BASELNEWS 2005 Hommage to Andersen from Andersen

(03/2005) The Danish author Hans Christian Andersen is known world-wide for his fairy tales. This year on the occasion of the bicentenary of his birth (1805-2005), celebrations will be held in his honour in many countries. In the years 1831 to 1872 he was one of the most travelled celebrities and visited 11 European countries.

New Retro Look Maurice Lacroix Miros Coussin Chronographe and Miros Coussin Réveil

(03/2005) In 2004, Maurice Lacroix’ designers accentuated the independent, distinct, and especially valuable aesthetics of the Miros even more. Now, the Miros Coussin models will be received by aficionados of the new Retro Look with great enthusiasm! Its pillow-shaped stainless steel case is an attention-getter of a special kind and brings to mind the thirties of the last century, in which design was newly defined.

Exclusively with a black dial Breitling MONTBRILLANT EDITION

(02/2005) For BREITLING, the name Montbrillant naturally conjures up pictures of the time and place of its first great chronograph factory, perched on a sunny hillside overlooking the Swiss watchmaking city of La Chaux-de-Fonds. It is there that the ingenious inventions of the Breitling family were born, including the most important, the second return-to zero pushbutton, and the most famous, the circular slide-rule created in 1942.

Strong tradition in Olympic Games timekeeping OMEGA: Minus One

(02/2005) Prestige Swiss watchmaker Omega today started the official countdown to its return to Olympic Games timekeeping at the XX Olympic Winter Games – Torino 2006. To mark the occasion, Omega organised a unique photocall with a host of Olympic winter Games legends. Omega has a strong tradition in Olympic Games timekeeping. Having been the first-ever company to be appointed official timekeeper of the Olympic Games at Los Angeles in 1932, the brand had the same honour a total of 20 further times over the course of the past century.

The new wave in Marine watches Breguet MARINE 5817

(10/2004) The latest MARINE 5817 automatic introduces a new movement, a bigger case, a rubber strap and a redesigned dial to Breguet’s popular sports model. The Marine watches trace their ancestry to the chronometers A. -L. Breguet made for the French royal navy from 1815. Designed for reliability, they achieve their elegance through the modern application of Breguet’s traditional aesthetic values.

Born in 69 Breitling CHRONO-MATIC

(09/2004) In 1969, BREITLING created the first selfwinding chronograph movement: Caliber 11, a mechanism in which the spring is wound by means of an off-centered oscillating weight. This invention would enable the development of a whole range of chronographs named CHRONO-MATIC, instantly recognizable thanks to their left-placed crown, a specific feature due to the modular construction of the movement.

Swiss Timing Omega, Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, Sydney und Athen

(09/2004) Swatch has now successfully participated at three Olympic Games as the Official Timekeeper (1996 in Atlanta, 2000 in Sydney and 2004 in Athens, where the company was also responsible for on-venue results systems and integration services), and Swatch Group Ltd. has now decided that its most traditional timekeeping brand worldwide, Omega Ltd., will assume this responsibility.

Beauty of Breguet The new REINE DE NAPLES watch

(08/2004) The REINE DE NAPLES is inspired by A.-L. Breguet’s first wristwatch made for Caroline Murat, queen of Naples. The success of this model since its launch in 2002 attests to the talent of Breguet’s watchmakers under the direction of Nicolas G. Hayek. The original shape of the case promises an astonishing timepiece, entirely feminine and exquisitely sensual.

Feminine vision of time BREITLING Is For Women Too

(07/2004) With its resolutely technical vocation, BREITLING distinguishes itself by its original interpretation of the feminine vision of time. For BREITLING, a ladies watch must combine performance and elegance, reliability and aesthetic refinement. The COCKPIT LADY is a perfect example. Feminine and aesthetically pleasing, the COCKPIT LADY expresses the ultimate in luxury.

A cult object NAVITIMER WORLD - Hours of the World

(07/2004) Launched in 1952, the NAVITIMER by BREITLING has become a cult object. It has found its way through time intact, conceding nothing of its form or spirit. In uninterrupted production for over fifty years, is it now the oldest chronograph made anywhere in the world. The new NAVITIMER WORLD adds an original dimension to this line of emblematic instruments. First of all, it is the largest NAVITIMER ever designed by BREITLING.

With a new face! M-Watch Maxi - the classic in the 4th generation

(07/2004) After the revisions in the years 1986 and 1995 at the end of of June 2004 the fourth generation of the unmistakable M-Watch Maxi appears. The new collection consists of six models and ties to the successfully introduced M-Watch Maxi 21 years ago. Since the first launch this collection sold over over 500' 000 pieces: a good reason to call it classic.

Carved in steel, cut out for adventure BREITLING SUPEROCEAN STEELFISH

(05/2004) Sturdiness, readability, functionality: since 1957, each generation of BREITLING SUPEROCEAN has distinguished itself by its peerless technical qualities and its sophisticated lines. Ablend of elegance and performance that has earned it a solid reputation among diver's watches.

Upholding Traditions, Shaping The Future Montblanc at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) 2004

(04/2004) An outstanding example among the 44 new models exhibited at SIHH 2004 is the “Montblanc TimeWalker” series of chronographs. These chronographs give the signal for change to a new era, shape and expression. In addition, Montblanc is also presenting new watch models from the successful “Montblanc Sport,” “Montblanc Profile” and “Montblanc Star” collections --new product ideas and designs that establish a convincing link between tradition and future. The “Montblanc Urban Walker Collection,” a new, high-class series of accessories, rounds off the presentation at the SIHH 2004.

Ascending to New Depths A history of IWC's Diving Watches

(04/2004) The diving watch is both a mechanical triumph and a social phenomenon. Mechanically, it is a triumph because it represents a great engineering accomplishment although one that appears deceptively simple. Constructing an impervious watch case has been no small feat, and that achievement allowed the wristwatch to evolve both into a scientific tool and a recreational accessory.

BASELNEWS 2004 OMEGA - From the Moon to Mars

(04/2004) Omega's press conference with the theme "From the Moon to Mars" was held at the Swatch Group Plaza in Hall 1 of the Baselworld 2004 watch fair. The expert speakers were Captain Eugene Cernan, commander of the Apollo 17 mission and the last man to leave his footprint on the moon and Matt Wallace, Mission Manager for the Opportunity Mars Rover at NASA's jet propulsion laboratory. The master of ceremonies at the conference was ESA astronaut Claude Nicollier.

New Markets in the Czech Republic, Zimbabwe and the Philippines Glycine represented on all continents

(04/2004) The Biel-based watchmaker, Glycine Watch SA, has reinforced its global presence: the company’s high quality watches – for instance, the traditional Airman collection – are now available in Prague, Manila and Harare. The selection of a distributor in Zimbabwe means that Glycine is now represented on all five continents.

BASELNEWS 2004 Glycine: Two new models and an Ambassadress for aviator watches

(03/2004) Even in its 90th year, Glycine Watch SA of Biel continues to produce a unique synthesis of innovation, technology and tradition. At this year’s Baselworld, the pioneer in aviator watches will be launching AIRMAN 9, an all-encompassing world time watch, which displays three time zones and features an integrated chronograph. Along with this remarkable time piece, Glycine will also be presenting its new Ambassadress for aviator watches, Pascale Alajouanine, the reigning European Aerobatic Champion.

Lost and found OMEGA - The first watch ever worn on the moon

(10/2003) Having learned of the discovery of the first Speedmaster watch to be worn on the moon, prestige Swiss watchmaker OMEGA is pleased to announce that it is willing to acquire this historically significant timepiece for its museum at the company headquarters in Bienne, Switzerland. The first Speedmaster to be worn on the moon had been lost for over 30 years, after it went missing from a shipment sent as a loan to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. Recently, the watch in question has been found in the possession of a businessman in Long Island, California, who purchased it in 1991, unaware of its origin.

Thrillingly glamorous, unbelievably feminine, truly magnificent The Montblanc Lady Profile Royal Collection

(08/2003) With its "Lady Profile Collection," Montblanc introduces its feminine "haute joaillerie" line of watches set with precious stones. Montblanc indulges the taste for luxury with this new collection, combining sparkling precious stones, massive gold and jewellery craftsmanship – underlining Montblanc’s expertise in creating exclusive women's watches.

Model of Perfection OMEGA Previews the Central Tourbillon in Shanghai

(07/2003) Prestige watch manufacturer OMEGA exclusively previewed its latest masterpiece, the OMEGA Central Tourbillon, in Shanghai at the glamorous "M on the Bund" restaurant. To mark this unique moment in OMEGA history, master watchmaker Mathias Schoepke was brought in especially from Switzerland to introduce the unique features of the Central Tourbillon.

Worn by Pierce Brosnan OMEGA James Bond competition winner receives special Seamaster

(05/2003) World famous Swiss watch manufacturer OMEGA organized a special presentation ceremony to award the winner of its James Bond competition with the coveted first prize in his home town: Dr Mark Rawlings, from Helsinki, will be the envy of many as the owner of the OMEGA Seamaster Professional watch that was actually worn by Pierce Brosnan during the filming of "Die Another Day".

Value around 50,000 Euro OMEGA watches stolen in Paris

(04/2003) OMEGA is anxious to alert customers and collectors to the theft of a sample collection of its watches in Paris. The collection was destined for special display at the OMEGA flagship stores in Paris and included one unique and highly identifiable piece. The collection of watches was to be displayed at the OMEGA Flagship Store in Paris as part of a series of exhibitions of the latest OMEGA models presented at the 2003 World Watch and Jewellery Show in Basel, Switzerland.

A future with a heritage Montblanc at SIHH 2003

(04/2003) Montblanc, present at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) since 1997, has become one of the established and successful brands on the watch market. Its new watch collections 2003 combine traditional craftsmanship with the aesthetics of the 21st century. With the innovative watch line “TimeWalker” inspired by architectonic design, Montblanc creates timepieces for a self-confident and dynamic generation blending new with old values.

Dynamic. Functional. Masculine. New watch models from the Montblanc Sport Collection

(01/2003) At the 2003 Salon de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) Montblanc presented two new model series from the “Montblanc Sport Collection“ which were launched this autumn. The material: robust – stainless steel or titanium. The design: sporty and multifunctional. The finishing: manufactured by Montblanc in Switzerland according to the high demands of traditional craftsmanship. And these new watches not only precisely measure time, they are also waterproof to a depth of 200 m, amazingly shock-resistant and boast high functionality.

Slim Shapes, High Standards The Montblanc Summit Collection

(11/2002) Simplicity meets luxury: these slim stainless steel casings, reduced to the essentials, are almost architectural in their purity. This sense of clarity is carried through in the design of the watch dials, which are available in a variety of colours, featuring the Montblanc logo in silver. Aesthetics based on understated elegance; meticulous craftsmanship as tangible proof of an unrivalled dedication to quality.

New Highlights, Classic Values Montblanc at the SIHH 2002

(09/2002) Montblanc – member of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) since 1997 and in the meantime successfully established within the watch market – in 2002 presented 56 new models, including two completely new lines. With the ”Profile Collection”, Montblanc for the first time unveiled a collection of rectangular ladies’ and men’s watches.

Elegant, feminine, rectangular The new Montblanc Profile Lady Quartz

(06/2002) With various designs of dial and strap the Montblanc Profile Lady Quartz is specifically tailored to a younger, fashion-oriented target group: the rectangular stainless steel casing with a bombée sapphire glass with anti-reflex coating can be combined with straps made of grained leather, satin or a classic stainless steel bracelet.

The first ladies' watch from Montblanc Première 2002: Montblanc Star Steel Lady Jewellery

(03/2002) The Montblanc Star Steel Lady Jewellery makes timekeeping a sensuous experience. The bezel is adorned with 49 diamonds totalling 0.8 carat, 7 diamonds mark the hours and the small chronograph faces are also edged with diamonds. A stainless steel casing with bombé sapphire glass with anti-reflex coating encloses the mother-of-pearl face. The alligator strap in pink, grey or violet with a rhodium-plated buckle is colour-coordinated with the face in rosé, white or delicate violet.

Precision timekeeping The power line from IWC

(04/2001) How does that headline go again? Men are more faithful than you’d think – we’ve never known one leave his IWC. The bad news for all the women who have a problem with the statement is that IWC has just brought out two more models on which men of taste and means can lavish their sincerest and most lasting affections.


(01/2001) The Swatch Group Ltd. will be the Official Timekeeper and Results Service Partner for the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad in Athens in 2004, the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin in 2006, as well as the 2008 Olympic Games and 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Following its success at the Atlanta and at the Sydney Olympic Games, the IOC selected The Swatch Group Ltd. to undertake the Timing and Scoring Services delivery and has also elected to extend their mandate to include On-Venue Results Services.

Milestones of timekeeping The OMEGA Museum Collection

(01/2001) The Omega Museum Collection arose from a desire to combine the historical milestones of timekeeping with the technology of the 21st century. The collection mainly targets collectors and aficionados of extraordinary watches. The first model is a new edition of a pilot's watch from 1938. Apart from changes to various technological details and materials to bring them up to date, the watch is the same as its predecessor.

Happy Birthday! M-Watch / Mondaine / Migros: 75 years - CHF 75.- - 7.5 years guarantee

(02/2000) The year 2000 is one of celebration: Mondaine Watch Ltd's 25-year collaboration with Migros, the exclusive distributor of the affordable and highly successful M-Watch in Switzerland where 5'000'000 have been sold since its launch. This year Migros is 75 years old and to commemorate its birthday, Mondaine introduces the jubilee M-Watch.

Swatch creates an universal time Swatch Internet Time

(10/1998) On October 23, 1998, the Swatch brand created a revolution: it reinvented time by launching a universal time, Swatch Internet Time. This divides a 24-hour day into 1000 beats (each beat corresponding to 1 minute and 26.4 seconds) and enables all the earth’s inhabitants to experience the same time at the same moment, wherever they happen to be, and irrespective of whether it is daytime or nighttime.

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