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BASELNEWS 2010 Gucci U-PLAY COLLECTION: Instantly create a new Gucci watch for any occasion

(03/2010) U-Play, the new line of Gucci timepieces for women, designed by Creative Director Frida Giannini, is distinguished by its functionality and versatility. These two features not only make this watch practical, but also a stylish and an enduring companion for the ever-increasing pace of global living. The concept behind the U-Play collection lies in the interchangeable design of the components, which allows the wearer to change the combination of colours and materials to suit the occasion or to express her personal taste.

BASELNEWS 2010 The OMEGA Speedmaster Ladies’ Chronograph Chronometer 38 mm

(03/2010) None of OMEGA’s distinctive watch lines is more strongly identified with the brand’s pioneering spirit than the Speedmaster. The legendary chronograph has a long list of adventures to its credit, including every one of NASA’s piloted missions since May of 1963. When Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the lunar surface in 1969 wearing his OMEGA Speedmaster Professional, the watch achieved true iconic status.

BASELNEWS 2010 FRANC VILA FV EVOS 8Ch Cobra Chronographe Grand Dateur Automatique

(03/2010) The FRANC VILA “Cobra” collection introduced the first evolution of the characteristic “esprit unique” watchcase. The new case is dedicated to aficionados of extreme sports. Built to withstand 300 meters deep, the “Cobra” timepieces are specially conceived for hard and intense water activities. The carbon fiber inserts ensure the protection of the watch for the most exigent sports.

BASELNEWS 2010 RADO Ceramica Digital Automatic - Intuitive. Technological. Always resolutely graphic.

(03/2010) Rado’s Ceramica model revolutionized watchmaking in 1989, making its mark with a daring design in full ceramic. A genuine revelation that has since become an indisputable icon. The legend is now forever digital. With this new model, Rado marries digitalization with the properties of an exceptional material and the perfect integration of all the elements that is the signature of the Ceramica line.

BASELNEWS 2010 Illuminating the daily routine: Atlantic Square Mother-of-Pearl

(03/2010) What could be more natural than selecting mother-of-pearl when your name is Atlantic. A natural, semi-precious, shimmering material, mother of pearl exploits light and brings depth and movement to the dial. Iridescent with pink or silvery-grey nuances, the choice of the model is then a function of your wardrobe or the colour of your skin. The effect is guaranteed with the mirror-polished 316L steel of the case, whose sobriety illustrates the refined classicism of the Square line.

BASELNEWS 2010 The new white design classic.: RADIO r5.5 White Jubilé

(03/2010) The new timepiece is the continuation of the partnership of the r5.5 collection between Rado and British designer Jasper Morrison. Fuelled by the same passion and philosophy as Rado, Morrison once again seeks to take the industry by storm with his interpretation of the jubilé theme.

BASELNEWS 2010 Hublot presents its new in-house movement: the UNICO is born!

(03/2010) Just one year after incorporating the new Hublot manufacture, the company's CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, is proud to present the first of the brand's movements to be produced entirely in-house: a column-wheel chronograph named the UNICO. The UNICO movement comes to life inside the King Power case. Featuring the first chronograph movement produced entirely in-house by Hublot, the King Power UNICO is symbolic of the brand's progress towards verticalisation.

BASELNEWS 2010 Woman’s ultimate watch-dream: The Heure Céleste

(03/2010) Look up at the sky… Surrender yourself to the luxury of its vastness and the pleasure of color. Marvel at the breathtaking canopy of stars: this is the challenge of The Heure Céleste. This collection has been conceived by Jaquet Droz as a magical night portrayed in sparkling gems. Sapphires and tsavorites depict the spheres of a dazzling fireworks display, soft blue and vivid green but there is also the warmth of orange and yellow, and the delicacy of pink… an explosion of colors like the photograph of a magical moment that never comes to an end.

BASELNEWS 2010 Timeless elegance: Atlantic Worldmaster Original 1888 Limited Edition

(03/2010) If history is made of a succession of calendars, some stories escape the bounds of time. Stories of the experience acquired since 1888, stories of a “Swiss Made” know-how, stories of a special taste handed down with a commitment to detail, the Atlantic brand’s Worldmaster Original 1888 Limited Edition defies time altogether, subtly elegant, mingling tradition with modernity.

BASELNEWS 2010 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Lady - Eternal lightness of the present

(03/2010) Fresh, refined and elegant. Fitting descriptions of the gracefully feminine new Rolesor models in the Oyster Perpetual Datejust Lady 31 mm collection. An ode to passion and sensuality, these delicate gems for daily wear are an invitation to share in their carefree youthfulness. They celebrate with brio the marriage of their materials — precious stones, 18 ct gold and 904L steel — and colours.

BASELNEWS 2010 Timex Revs Up Timex T Series Racing Chronograph Collection

(03/2010) Timex presents at BASELWORLD two additions to its Timex T Series® racing collection.  Launched in 2007, the Timex T Series Racing Collection successfully marked the debut of sports driven fashion watches.  This heritage inspired collection draws on classic automotive cues to deliver bold styling and accurate time keeping. The new additions continue to express strength through the powerful design details that made the original launch a success.

BASELNEWS 2010 Tiffany Watch Co. presents the Atlas Dome Bicolor

(03/2010) Tiffany Watch Co. Ltd enlarges its Atlas Dome line with the launch of the luxurious two-tone gold and stainless steel timepiece. Quintessential Tiffany & Co., the classic gentlemen’s Atlas Dome Bicolor takes its design cues from the Atlas Clock placed above the entrance to the Tiffany’s flagship property on Fifth Avenue.

BASELNEWS 2010 The OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Annual Calendar

(03/2010) Since their launch, OMEGA’s Seamaster Aqua Terra watches have attracted a large, enthusiastic following. The line characterized by the distinctive “teak-concept” vertical lines on their dials has been extended with the release of the first models with an annual calendar complication.

BASELNEWS 2010 IWC Schaffhausen: A new book about the watchmaking company on the river Rhine

(03/2010) Swiss watchmaking company IWC Schaffhausen is releasing an impressive and definitive work of art – but this time, in the form of a book. “IWC Schaffhausen. Engineering Time since 1868” chronicles the company’s fascinating history while leaving Paulo Coelho to describe the origins of the individual product families and famous cartoonist Enki Bilal to illustrate these fictional short stories with striking images. An exceptional book that will not only appeal to watch connoisseurs but also delight the admirers of exclusive luxury brands.

BASELNEWS 2010 Contrasting, Bold: Rado True Sport

(03/2010) The Rado True Sport, the new sporty piece of this contemporary high-tech ceramic collection. Reflecting modernity and active lifestyle. Rado, the noted Swiss watchmaker has continued to use its unrivalled knowledge of high-tech ceramic to produce this timepiece that provides uncompromised comfort and luxury.

BASELNEWS 2010 Firmly masculine: The Jaquet Droz SW Chrono

(03/2010) From its iconic Grande Seconde SW, the Manufacture has conceived the SW Chrono, an exceptional model for all lovers of watchmaking precision. This timepiece vibrates with a love of competition, an obsession with innovation and a passion for entering new areas. The finely honed design, the fluted bezel, and the hollowed horns of the SW Chrono evoke the spirit of challenge and a sense of performance.

BASELNEWS 2010 NOMOS watches in black - Watches from the cellar

(03/2010) Tangente, Tetra, Tangomat: What could be more resolute than these watches? What could be more beautifully simple? Thus far, there has been no competition – except for maybe a bare wrist. But now, the above-mentioned NOMOS watches are also available in black – a new small series with deep black, matte-finished cases, watches with a “tendency toward nothingness” (to borrow the words of Jean-Paul Sartre).

BASELNEWS 2010 Welcome addition: Ulysse Nardin Executive Dual Time

(03/2010) Ulysse Nardin expands one of its most recognized core collections – the Executive Dual Time – to include a fresh option for its loyal admirers: the Executive Dual Time with a silver dial. Expressing an image of modernity and relaxed elegance with traces of classic detailing, the timepiece can, with ease, impeccably accompany any situation – from a day of city exploring to an evening of five-star dining.

BASELNEWS 2010 Rolex Submariner: Symbol of supremacy in waterproofness

(03/2010) The quintessential divers’ watch, the absolute reference in its genre, the Submariner has expanded its horizons far beyond the element of its birth in 1953, while denying nothing of its aquatic origins. At home in the depths of the oceans, a universe in which it remains the basic instrument of every diver, it long ago conquered terra firma, as the watch of action. Waterproof to 100, 200, then 300 metres as it successively evolved since its launch, the Submariner has always been the symbol of Rolex’s supremacy in waterproofness.

BASELNEWS 2010 Precious watch containing amber by the brand Basilika is conducive to health

(03/2010) The new watch of the brand “Basilika” called Amber, which features an amber-glass back, is not only an attractive accessory, but also a potent biological stimulant with beneficial effects to your health. Amber is a natural miracle. Over the course of millions of years, the solidified resin drops have absorbed a great deal of life energy from the earth and the sea. The healing effects of amber were well-known to different peoples many centuries ago, but it is nowadays that they were proven scientifically in laboratory experiments.

BASELNEWS 2010 New watch-model: Tiffany & Co. 5th Avenue

(03/2010) The Fifth Avenue location of Tiffany & Co. is an iconic New York landmark forming the heart of Manhattan’s premier shopping district and providing the backdrop for countless series and films.  Inspired by the prestigious address and architectural features of Tiffany’s flagship boutique, Tiffany Watch Co. Ltd presents the 5th Avenue timepieces in 36 mm and 46 mm.

BASELNEWS 2010 Blancpain Unveils A New Villeret Collection

(03/2010) With its classical lines, the Villeret Collection has been core to Blancpain since the early 1980s. For 2010, Blancpain has reinterpreted the collection with nine new models ranging from a pocket watch to an 8-day power reserve complicated moon phases complete calendar timepiece.

BASELNEWS 2010 Frédérique Constant launches 3 new watch-models of the Runabout

(03/2010) 2009 saw the introduction of the limited edition « Runabout » watch series from Frédérique Constant, designed to celebrate the legendary “Runabout” yachts of the roaring 20s, and which can be still seen today gracing the waters of Lake Geneva. After the undoubted success of the “Runabout” launch, Frédérique Constant is bringing out 3 all-new special edition “Runabout” watches in limited editions of 1888 pieces for each series, in honour of the brand’s continued involvement and support of the annual “Hélice Classique” yacht meet.

BASELNEWS 2010 TUDOR Glamour Double Date

(03/2010) The tango, possibly the most sophisticated, sensual and seductive of dance genres, is also the most demanding technically. And the rose, a timeless symbol, long associated with the TUDOR brand, evokes beauty, passion and perfection. Inspired by the palpable emotions and aesthetics of the two, and drawing on the characteristic elegance and elan of the TUDOR Glamour collection, the new TUDOR Glamour Double Date is the ultimate expression of retro chic and sensuality.

BASELNEWS 2010 GUCCI TIMEPIECES - Balanced and sophisticated timepieces

(03/2010) The refined elegance and pure femininity which inspire Gucci’s signature style are beautifully showcased in the new G-Frame watch collection designed by Creative Director Frida Giannini. The new line, designed for both day and evening, is characterized by exceptional attention to detail, unique materials and wearable colours. The G-Frame collection meets the need for a balanced and sophisticated timepiece which allows women to confidently take centre stage.

BASELNEWS 2010 The OMEGA Constellation Double Eagle 4-Counters

(03/2010) The Constellation Double Eagle watches have long celebrated OMEGA’s close relationship with the Royal and Ancient Game of golf. The Double Eagle is a robust watch for all seasons, with its screw-in case helping to guarantee water resistance to 100 metres (330 feet, 10 bar) – but it is as fashionable as it is sporty.

BASELNEWS 2010 Eberhard & Co. Chrono 4 BADBOY - The indomitable force of time

(03/2010) Eberhard & Co. gives its Chrono 4 BADBOY a completely new and distinctive gutsy look, which will be revealed in all its explosive energy at the watchmaking world’s most important international occasion, Baselworld 2010. After having revolutionized the reading of time, thanks to the specially patented device aligning four counters, the Company’s emblem collection has become a “laboratory of ideas”, revealing a maximum expression of compactness, strength and dynamism.

BASELNEWS 2010 Davidoff watches: New models perfectly complementing the Very Zino watch collection

(03/2010) At Baselworld 2010, Davidoff is adding two interesting watch collections to the Very Zino watch line successfully launched in 2008. The Very Zino Champion Collection and the Very Zino Navigator Collection persuade with their strong masculinity and fascinate with their different interpretation of this theme. Now, as before, all designs reflect the spirit of Davidoff and harmoniously combine elegance and modernity with the highest quality.

BASELNEWS 2010 Hugo Boss watches: A chrono built for action

(03/2010) This strikingly handsome chronograph demonstrating first-class watch design comes in IP rose gold and black or in a steel case. It is an updated interpretation of the great classic HB-136 that has evolved towards a larger size with a correspondingly stronger character.

BASELNEWS 2010 New edition of Ludwig - NOMOS Glashütte complements its collection

(03/2010) You know, we don’t really have a need for the most extreme things out there. We don’t require a multifunctional kitchen appliance or a briefcase made of sharkskin. Nor do we need 28 chronographs. Not in the least. But a good suit, a well-fitting pair of jeans, nice shoes, and a classic watch: it’s not too exaggerated to possess things like this that help us express who we are.

BASELNEWS 2010 TAG Heuer: History begins every morning

(03/2010) This is the story of speed, of the hunt for speed, of catching time, of mastering time. This is the story of Tag Heuer, the legendary time brand. Every story starts with a man and a passion. Edouard Heuer, the founder of our destiny had the vision of time. The man became a team, a passionate team. And the road became a speedway of legendary competitions linking today’s most powerful men, those heroes of our time, in a “course contre la montre”.

BASELNEWS 2010 Rolex Explorer - reliable and robust

(03/2010) So many attempts were necessary before Everest was finally conquered. It was 29 May 1953 and the heroes of the day, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tensing Norgay, were wearing Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches. So many expeditions all seeking to achieve a proverbially impossible dream, motivated by the simple desire to meet a challenge: “Because it’s there…”

BASELNEWS 2010 Eterna Madison Eight-Days – runs nonstop for eight full

(03/2010) Eterna has selected the Madison Eight-Days design to reaffirm its long-standing traditions of pioneering technology. Launched at this year’s World, Watch and Jewellery Show, Baselworld, the Madison Eight-Days is fitted with the hand-wound Eterna 3510 movement featuring the new Eterna Spherodrive construction – a novel spring barrel design rotating on ball bearings, in a demonstration of this proprietary Eterna movement’s exceptional distinction.

BASELNEWS 2010 GLASHÜTTE ORIGINAL PanoInverse XL: A Revelation of Inner Beauty

(03/2010) It’s the heart of haute horlogerie. It’s tangible intelligence, quintessential ingenuity. There’s simply no denying it, the movement is the thing. A thing of beauty. The PanoInverse XL from Glashütte Original reveals the inner beauty of the mechanical movement at its heart by lifting an extraordinary element from the hidden interior to the visible surface of the watch. Inner beauty becomes outer beauty.

BASELNEWS 2010 The new Oris Col Moschin Limited Edition

(03/2010) During their gruelling training missions, members of the Col Moschin Italian Special Forces unit have tested an essential new tool: the Oris Col Moschin Limited Edition. Based on the innovative Oris ProDiver it has accompanied these elite troops on 9000m parachute jumps and sea dives in depths of more than 40m.  It has also been tested on draining hikes and missions through inhospitable terrain. 

BASELNEWS 2010 Attractive price: Atlantic Worldmaster Chronograph Valjoux

(03/2010) What could be more gratifying for any watch lover than owning an historical movement from the “Swiss Made” watchmaking tradition? Versatile, robust and accurate, the “Valjoux” is one that has set its stamp on the era of the automatic chronograph. With the Worldmaster Valjoux Chronograph, Atlantic Watch SA provides a majestic example in support of its reputation for offering the best at fair value.

BASELNEWS 2010 Timex Unveils a Modern Classic - Timex SL Series Annual Calendar

(03/2010) Debuting at BASELWORLD, Timex presents a classic upgrade to the Timex SL Series™ men’s automatic collection – the Annual Calendar.  Now in its fourth year, the Timex SL Series is an iconic and influential portfolio of watches paying homage to its sportswear-inspired origins, while adapting to the contemporary man’s penchant for the classic and sophisticated. Infusing ultra-refined and luxurious detail into a sports-inspired silhouette, this new collection is an increasingly modern interpretation of the original.

BASELNEWS 2010 BREITLING presents the New-Wave Superocean

(03/2010) In the 1950s, at a time when it had already established itself as «official supplier to world aviation», Breitling took on another challenge by setting out to conquer maritime depths. 1957 thus saw the launch of the famous Superocean, equipped with an ultra-readable dial, an armored glass and a monohull case watertight to a depth of 200 meters (660 ft) – a remarkable feat at that time.

BASELNEWS 2010 Glycine Airman – the story continues

(03/2010) Both classic and special designs are amongst the new Airman models to be presented by Glycine at Baselworld 2010. And so the story of the legendary pilot watches continues – a story which has now been documented in book form for the first time. The first Airman was developed in flight, so to speak. Somewhere between Bangkok and Calcutta, a Thai Airways pilot explained to a Glycine associate exactly what airline pilots were looking for in a watch.

BASELNEWS 2010 Hermès pays tribute to the Clipper collection

(03/2010) This year, the Hermès booth extends an invitation to enter the world of one of its flagship collections: Clipper. Right from the entrance, visitors are welcomed into a landscape of reeds, with a raised flooring area planted with vast numbers of long, supple stems. The latter are successively coloured by luminous waves creating an infinite variety of rhythms and shades, thereby evoking the movement, the strength and the beauty of the sea – the source of inspiration for the Clipper collection.

BASELNEWS 2010 TAG Heuer Formula 1 Lady Steel & Ceramic

(03/2010) The 2005 launch of the Formula 1 Diamonds watch represented a giant challenge for TAG Heuer, which until then had primarily targeted the men’s market. Today, however, the feminine market represent 30% of TAG Heuer’s overall turnover. The ceramic additions to TAG Heuer Lady F1 line provide new opportunities in this growing sector.

BASELNEWS 2010 CANDINO presents new Sport-watch

(03/2010) Candino’s Sport Collection has been complemented by a new model fitted with an alarm adjustable over 12 hours. A complication which will be appreciated and useful for everyday use. With an emphasis on functionality, this watch of imposing dimensions stands out thanks to its distinct style and its clarity. The relief work on the various surfaces enlivens the timepiece and confirms its sporting character.

BASELNEWS 2010 Swatch Group introduces the restoration at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai

(03/2010) The Swatch Group is presenting an exhibition at Baselworld in the Hall of Dreams from the 17th to the 19th of March, dedicated to its renovation of the South Building of the historic Peace Hotel, located on Shanghai’s legendary Bund, the city’s former financial district and today its most famous landmark. The Swatch Group is working closely with its joint venture partner, Jin Jiang International, China’s leading hotel and travel group.

BASELNEWS 2010 Truly contemporary elegance: Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde CeramicBLACK

(03/2010) Giving concrete form to the mystery of time is the eternal challenge for a watchmaker. Jaquet Droz meets this challenge with the arrival of the Grande Seconde CeramicBLACK a watch with truly contemporary elegance that now adds a hint of red to its favorite figure, the number 8.

BASELNEWS 2010 Reconvilier AG is presenting its innovative sports watch Hercules Golf Master

(03/2010) From today until March 25th, 2010, the traditional Swiss watch maker Société Horlogère Reconviler AG located in Zug will be presenting its fine products at the “BASELWORLD” – the world`s famous watch and jewellery show. One of the stars in this collection is the innovative sports watch “Reconvilier Hercules Golf Master”.

BASELNEWS 2010 PlanetSolar by CANDINO

(03/2010) In order to confirm its support for PlanetSolar, the first round-the-world trip powered by solar energy, Candino is inspired for the design of its watch by that of the boat conceived for the realisation of this incredible ecological adventure. The model has a dynamic identity, accentuated by the asymmetric design of the 44.5 mm case. The crown protection evokes the lines of the giant hulls of PlanetSolar.

BASELNEWS 2010 Tissot 2010 T-Race Nicky Hayden Limited Edition

(03/2010) Nicky Hayden and 4,999 of his fans are teaming up with a striking new numbered limited edition watch for the 2010 MotoGP season. The Tissot 2010 T-Race Nicky Hayden Limited Edition integrates Nicky’s colours and race number into a stunning GMT chronograph. Racetrack and bike inspired elements express themselves in high-tech, top quality materials, in a timepiece driven by a dynamic Swiss movement.

BASELNEWS 2010 Zeitwinkel Premiere at Basel World 2010

(03/2010) Zeitwinkel, a new brand of highest quality, Swiss manufactured time pieces, independently designed and with manufacture-movements, will present itself to the world for the first time at Basel World 2010. After years of preparation and development, the debut in Basel also represents the launch of retail sales for the Swiss company.

BASELNEWS 2010 NIGHTEAGLE – when stealth does not go unnoticed

(03/2010) The DualTow is a gem of horological complexity and a distillate of the innovation, expertise and excellence inherent to the Manufacture Christophe Claret. Launched in 2009 to mark the company’s 20th anniversary, it has made a profound and lasting impact thanks to its combination of powerful aesthetics and technical inventiveness.

Masculine watch RAYMOND WEIL: The freelancer pink gold date chronograph

(03/2010) The Geneva watchmaker RAYMOND WEIL is delighted to announce a prestigious new addition to the freelancer mechanical collection: the freelancer pink gold date chronograph. With its refined aesthetics, blending modernity and technical know-how, the new chronograph symbolizes the Brand's spirit of elegance and distinction.

Inspired by aircraft cockpits Bell & Ross BR 01 RADAR

(03/2010) True to the Bell & Ross philosophy, the BR 01 RADAR watch is inspired by aircraft cockpits, where each instrument is a reference point in terms of legibility, reliability and performance. An aircraft’s radar allows easy, accurate and instantaneous reading of what is often a complex situation. Bell & Ross has borrowed the radar display and adapted it to the BR 01 RADAR watch, going beyond the concept of the traditional reading of the time.

Family-owned and run upmarket watch brand ORA SWISS WATCH COMPANY

(03/2010) A new concept, an amalgam of art, technology and culture, has arrived on the watch scene. The Ora Swiss Watch company is a family-owned and run upmarket watch brand. It dreams up, develops, designs and manufactures its watches in Ticino on the shores of Lake Maggiore in southern Switzerland. It is a place where the rigour and tradition of the north meet the charm and culture of the south, a place where ideas flourish, with passion. Ora: Italian for “time”, “hour” and “now”.

A watch-revolution! Icelink Mood: the new collection of watches by Icelink

(03/2010) For the very first time since entering the watch sector, the gem-watch brand Icelink, based in Geneva, is launching a range in which curves and diamonds combine to give birth to a line with a unique design : Icelink Mood. The brand reinterprets the round case, watch making’s most classical form, while integrating its innovation already present in its 6Timezone Snow collection: IceFuel©.

Important role in Bangkok Dangerous Watch-Design by Paolo Fancelli: The Ventura v-tec® Sigma

(03/2010) Chosen for its futuristic design, the v-tec® Sigma played an important role in Nicolas Cage’s recent film “Bangkok Dangerous”. Created by the Swiss designer Paolo Fancelli, winner of numerous prizes, the v-tec® Sigma is part of the Ventura collection of innovative and contemporary models characterised by an inimitable style. With its patented EasyScroll® system, v-tec Sigma®’s multiple functions can be used intuitively rather than manually.

Jazz giant honoured by Oris The new Oris Oscar Peterson Limited Edition

(03/2010) Oris’ track record in producing limited edition watches is almost as distinguished as the track record of the man to whom Oris dedicates its latest jazz watch: Oscar Peterson. Regarded by many as the greatest jazz pianist of all time, his career and chosen instrument inspired the special design features of this elegant watch.

Meticulous enamel craftsmanship matches legendary watchmaking Launch of the Master Ultra Thin Enamel “Qing Dynasty” Collection in Hong Kong

(03/2010) Jaeger-LeCoultre, in partnership with the Chinese Arts and Crafts (HK) Limited, has unveiled a limited edition collection called Master Ultra Thin Enamel “Qing Dynasty”. This Jaeger-LeCoultre “Qing Dynasty” Collection draws its inspiration from the art of the eponymous dynasty in Chinese history, and includes masterpieces of two famous painters, Ju Lian and Yun Shou Ping, masters of the illustrious Lingnan School of Painting.

Exceptional presentation box New goals for watch-collectors

(02/2010) Watch collectors are in for a treat: EBEL has just brought together the six limited-edition 1911 TEKTON timepieces created in association with Europe's six most prestigious clubs  – Arsenal, Rangers, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Olympique Lyonnais and Real Madrid – within an exceptional presentation box.

Traditional watchmaking Girard-Perregaux 1966 collection: The chronograph

(02/2010) Girard-Perregaux's latest creation offers a stylish take on traditional watchmaking, integrating a column-wheel chronograph in an elegant case from its Girard-Perregaux 1966 collection. Combining technical virtuosity and authentic design in the same vision of perfection, this beautifully co-ordinated model is a consummate example of the Manufacture's wide-ranging expertise.

Almost as good as a real watchmaker The expert courses of the LANGE ACADEMY have started

(02/2010) With the establishment almost three years ago of the “A. Lange & Söhne Akademie”, the traditional watch brand has been making an active contribution to the quality of advice pro¬vided in the superior watch retail sector. In the meantime, the first “Lange Experts” have left the academy after completing the third – and highest – level of the training programme.

New Masterpieces of Craftsmanship BASELWORLD 2010 - THE FINE ART OF COLLECTING by BUBEN&ZORWEG

(02/2010) A passionate love of innovation, master craftsmanship and breath-taking, stylish designs are the main criteria of the collection FINE ART OF COLLECTING 2010 to be presented by the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG at the Baselworld 2010.

Concept Watch for Concept Car Bell & Ross & Peugeot: When a wristwatch becomes a dashboard clock

(02/2010) Originally designed to meet the needs of extreme sports professionals, Bell & Ross watches have gradually become a reference in the exclusive world of Swiss designer watch-making. Bell & Ross has been working with the automotive sector for several years. On the occasion of the Geneva Motor Show, the brand has invented an original dashboard clock for the new Peugeot SR1 Concept Car.

Clarity of form and lightweight design The new Porsche Design P’6530 Titanium Chronograph

(02/2010) The new P’6530 Titanium Chronograph sees Porsche Design revisiting a milestone in watchmaking – one that is limited to an edition of 911 pieces. The re-issue of this classic is at the same time the first watch in the exclusive new Heritage collection, which will be completed with various models over the years to come. Its case and bracelet are fashioned entirely from titanium.

Perfect Golf-Watch RECONVILIER Hercules Golf Master

(02/2010) Combining a mechanical movement with a GPS application, the RECONVILIER Hercules Golf Master enables golfers for the very first time to measure the distance to the green, front edge or centre! This original function is displayed on the front of the watch in metres or yards, while the reversible “Rotar” mechanism provides a classic analogue reading of the time on the other side. With one touch, the time is also displayed digitally.

Exceptional timepiece Rebellion Predator

(02/2010) In its two years of existence, Rebellion has built a solid reputation with exceptional timepieces – chronographs, regulators and tourbillions – inspired by the world of automobile racing. Conceived in collaboration with the designer Eric Giroud, the Predator also borrows many of its features from racing cars: the brake discs and the pedals, the five-layer dial with its honeycomb base, and the push rod shaped bridges connecting the chronograph counters to the dial.

Countdown function Watch with Touchscreen: TISSOT Sailing Touch

(02/2010) By simply touching the dial, sailors will now be able to confront any weather with style. The Sailing Touch is a useful instrument for checking the weather conditions with its integrated histogram of the six previous hours and a function for measuring relative air pressure. It is also equipped with a calculator that indicates the tides in the port of destination.

CX SWISS MILITARY WATCH™ 20’000 FEET Interview with diving watch expert Frank M. Bürgin

(02/2010) He is one of the most renowned diving watch experts and title holder of the current depth world record for mechanical diving watches. We are talking about Frank M. Bürgin, the man behind the World  Record holding timepieces 12’000 FEET and 20’000 FEET. We met him in his company in Liestal – just outside Basel – for an exclusive interview.

Héritage Facelift Introducing the NIVREL Héritage Grande Automatique

(02/2010) The ’Edition Héritage’ of NIVREL will be subject to a major facelift in 2010. The first ‘new’ model to be presented will be an all-time NIVREL classic: The Héritage Automatique. Minor design changes for the dial and the case shape will be packed into a much bigger case of 40 mm. Also, the watch will feature a new movement: The calibre A10 of the Swiss specialist SOPROD.

Valentine’s Day 2010 Chopard says it with hearts

(02/2010) It will soon be the period of love letters, tender gestures and passionate declarations. Valentine’s Day is the long-awaited moment to open our hearts to the object of our affections and to offer a token of our deepest feelings. On February 14th, Chopard becomes the eloquent messenger of the finest pledges by delivering precious and unique testimonies of love and friendship.

Impressive eye-catching masterpiece BUBEN&ZORWEG presents the VANGUARD

(02/2010) The VANGUARD bears testimony to the discerning taste of its proud owner. Even before it reveals its inner values the new masterpiece from the ateliers of BUBEN&ZORWEG documents the fact that a passionate lover of all that is special and beautiful has acquired an unusual piece.

A powerful personality EBEL Classic Hexagon Chronograph

(02/2010) In any fine piece of architecture, foundations are all-important. In the case of the new Ebel Classic Hexagon Chronograph, this handsome and distinguished timepiece is clearly grounded on the bedrock of the essential brand values, interpreting them in an inimitably modern and contemporary manner.

Black is the color of the abyss Limited Edition: Avenger Seawolf Chrono Blacksteel

(02/2010) A special version of the Avenger Seawolf Chrono – the only chronograph that is watertight and fully operational at a depth of 1,000 meters (3,300 ft) – the new Blacksteel limited edition is distinguished by its unconventional look matching its exceptional performances.

The Fine Art of Writing Time A. Lange & Söhne: the New 1815 CHRONOGRAPH

(02/2010) Hardly any other watch manifests the union of tradition and inventiveness as well as of legendary beauty and advanced technology as remarkably as Lange’s 1815 CHRONOGRAPH. The dial reflects the subtle arrangement of indications shared by A. Lange & Söhne’s coveted historic pocket watches, of which some 700 were already configured as chronographs.

Precious Inspiration Urbach’s Luxury collection sets new guidelines

(02/2010) Urbach presents  there watch collection at the Basel World 2010. The collection is named “Precious Inspiration” and emphasizes  luxury, design and radiance. It appeals to a specific class of people: men and woman in search of being special, looking to distinguish themselves from the masses. Time is as individual as man himself.

Passion and extravagance Lady Moon by Alfex

(02/2010) The moon is referred to as that other light in the sky. It is not blinding and burning like the sun but, instead, soft and silvery. Like almost no other luminary, the moon influences human sentiments and emotions. And while the sun is always there unchanged – if at all – the moon changes its shape as the days go by.  A woman changes similarly.

The world is its horizon. Performance is its universe. The Breitling Colt GMT+

(01/2010) In this version equipped with a new integrated rubber strap, the Colt GMT+ by Breitling is resolutely geared towards originality, style and power on the wrist. Exactly the kind of assets that are bound to appeal more strongly than ever to pilots, travelers and divers. Founded in the very same year that coordinated universal time standard was established (1884), and a well-established partner of world aviation, Breitling has consistently provided models enabling simultaneous read-off of the time in several parts of the globe, such as the famous Unitime introduced in the 1950s.

Glashütte Original Stylish Design: Senator Sixties Panorama Date

(01/2010) It only takes a glance to recognize the 1960s. This extraordinary period’s unmistakable look and feel lives on in the movies and the music, architecture and design we still admire today. German design from the 1960s reflects the era and stands apart in a world of its own, stylish in a retro-modern way, elegant and independent.

Watch-News 2010 Less is more: Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar XL

(01/2010) The PanoMaticLunar XL presents the classic lines and look of the PanoMatic XL models in an understated, eloquent form. Set within the galvanized matt gray dial are the characteristic off-center hour/minute and subsidiary seconds dials, finely milled and galvanized in the same dark gray hue. The elegant moon phase display presents a shining silver moon and stars against a fine-grained silver sky.

BUBEN&ZORWEG Catalogue presentation at the SIHH Geneva

(01/2010) Rarely have the highlights from BUBEN&ZORWEG been seen in such quantity than at the presentation of the new catalogue at the BUBEN&ZORWEG VIP Lounge at Les Ambassadeurs in Geneva between 18 and 22 January 2010. The occasion was the 20th SIHH, the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie.

Winner in the category Leisure/lifestyle RADO r5.5 wins IF PRODUCT DESIGN AWARD 2010

(01/2010) The international jury for the highly renowned iF International Forum Design has selected the r5.5 chronograph of the iconic Swiss watch brand Rado for the iF product design award of 2010 in the leisure/lifestyle category. This year, 778 contributions were honored. A total of 2 486 products was submitted by 1016 participants from 39 countries. The Rado r5.5 chronograph has succeeded in a highly qualified and international competitive environment.

Hommage to a grande tradition The Vintage Chronographe in the Montblanc Collection Villeret 1858

(01/2010) With its unmistakable dial, which emphasizes finely calibrated scales, the Vintage Chronographe is a superlative device for the measurement of brief intervals of time. Only the most powerful innovations of the past can become the traditions of today – and are awarded the appellation “vintage”. The same applies to this new chronograph in the Montblanc Collection Villeret 1858, which boasts a spirally shaped tachymeter scale in the center of its dial.

SIHH 2010 Jaeger-LeCoultre presents over 15 new timepieces

(01/2010) Jaeger-LeCoultre unveiled its latest creations at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva. In the showcases of this most prestigious show are more than 15 exceptional timepieces created at the Manufacture in Le Sentier.  The 2010 Collection is exceptional in breadth and quality of invention: new movements, new patents, technical sports watches, groundbreaking Grandes Complications, Jewellery watches for ladies, classic timepieces for all, and the mythic Atmos clock.

It’s all in the design The Oris Darryl O’Young Limited Editions

(01/2010) The Oris TT3 is back – with a vengeance and it’s ready to wipe the track with other motor sports watches.  Excited by the Type 997 Porsche cars driven in competition by Darryl O’Young, the PCCA Double Class A Champion, Oris has designed two watches with a cool, sporty and technical look. Each model is limited to 997 units – a nod to the Type 997 Porsches.

GOOD DESIGN AWARD A. Lange & Söhne has been awarded

(01/2010) The LANGE ZEITWERK has won the renowned Good Design Award, making another prominent award go to the traditional manufacture A. Lange & Söhne based in Saxony just before the year end of 2009. The prize was awarded by the ”Chicago Athenaeum – Museum for Design and Architecture” and the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies.

Specially designed for Charles Lindbergh The new Longines Lindbergh’s Atlantic Voyage Watch

(01/2010) In 1933 the American aviator Charles Lindbergh set off with his wife on a trip of 47,000 km around the North Atlantic. Having achieved a remarkable technical and human feat in being the first man to fly non-stop across the North Atlantic in his Spirit of St. Louis, Lindbergh wanted to explore possible future air routes across the far north before returning to the USA via Cape Verde and Brazil.

Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie The master watchmakers of A. LANGE & SÖHNE are preparing for a big scence

(01/2010) Despite the snow chaos and freezing temperatures, the Lange watchmakers are all excited and feverishly face up to the 18th of January 2010, which marks the beginning of the most important week in the calendar of the watch industry. That will be the date of the opening of the “Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie” (SIHH) in Geneva where A. Lange & Söhne will present the most recent designs of the traditional brand.

Special service The LANGE ZEITWERK iPhone application

(01/2010) Since its product launch in May 2009 the LANGE ZEITWERK has fascinated watch aficionados all across the world so much that the master watchmakers of A. Lange & Söhne can hardly keep up with the production of this exceptional timepiece. In order to shorten the waiting time or to allow a close-up of this watch the traditional Ore Mountain manufacture is providing a very special service as from January 2010 onwards: The LANGE ZEITWERK as iPhone Application.

Timepiece user manuals are now available online Jaeger-LeCoultre continues its sustainable development drive

(12/2009) Located in the heart of the Swiss Jura mountains, a region renowned for its magnificent and pristine landscapes, the Jaeger-LeCoultre company is acutely aware of the need to ensure that its growth is in harmony with the surrounding environment and in accordance with sustainable ethical, social and economic principles.

Presentation of the X-007 First presentation of High-Security safe by BUBEN&ZORWEG

(12/2009) The current leading product in the field of security at BUBEN&ZÖRWEG, the X-007, was presented for the first time at the opening of the Timeless Gallery in Singapore. At first glance the high-security safe resembles more an objet d'art than a strongbox (which is itself a security factor!). It is security device that does not hide but is rather in its own right a jewel in the crown of any discerning interior.

Master Tourbillon and the Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 awarded First and second prizes in the Chronometrie 2009 International timing competition

(12/2009) The Master Tourbillon wristwatch, Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 978, has won the first timing competition in more than 35 years, taking 909 points out of a perfect timing score of 1,000. It was closely followed in second place by the Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2, Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 174, with 908 points. The result confirms the Master Tourbillon as the most precise mechanical wristwatch made today.

21 international awards A year full of awards for A. LANGE & SÖHNE

(12/2009) A most successful year is coming to a close for A. Lange & Söhne. With a total of 21 international awards it is in fact the most successful year in the history of the traditional brand, which was re-established in 1990. Since the presentation of the first watch collection in 1990, the precious timepieces made in Saxony have won more than 130 prizes, including 81 first prizes.

CENTURY BLACK EDITION Homage to men with a winning instinct: PRIME TIME EGOS CHRONOGRAPH

(12/2009) With its latest masterpiece, CENTURY continues to appeal to the self-assured, conquering man. Sublimely masculine, the PRIME TIME CHRONOGRAPH EGOS DAY & DATE embodies power and strength. True to the spirit of the ESQUIRE collection, the new PRIME TIME EGOS CHRONOGRAPH combines the proven good looks of a dodecagonal case with the timeless character of CENTURY sapphire.

Atlantic Rowing 2009 FORTIS MARINEMASTER: crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat

(12/2009) Soon the premier event in ocean rowing will start from La Gomera, Canary Islands and the destination in the idyllic English Harbour, Antigua. Since the first Atlantic Rowing Race, the World has taken notice of this extreme sporting activity. The race is unique and attracts individuals from all backgrounds from Olympic athletes to the everyday person off the street. Safety is paramount to the ongoing success of ocean rowing races.

The third edition of the Yearbook is now available Jaeger-LeCoultre invites you on a journey to revisit the highlights of 2009

(12/2009) Now eagerly awaited each year by fine watchmaking collectors and enthusiasts, the third edition of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Yearbook is waiting to be read and enjoyed, as you enter further and further into the world of this global brand. With its unique philosophy of sharing a passion and looking towards horizons from where culture, dreams and beauty radiate. The visual images and photography echoes the extraordinary spirit of Jaeger-LeCoultre. The text is provided by renowned writers recounting

Jaeger-LeCoultre forges a new extreme path The conquest of the Antoine LeCoultre’s Peak

(12/2009) Under the patronage of the Grande Maison in the Vallée de Joux, the team of three mountaineers – Swiss guide Stéphane Schaffter, renowned Apa Sherpa and Little Karim Balti – have successfully scaled a Nepalese virgin summit, christened Antoine LeCoultre’s Peak.

Miljonair Fair 2009 in Amsterdam Jaeger-LeCoultre will unveil a unique set - the Hybris Mechanica 55 - in Amsterdam

(11/2009) For the first time in the Benelux region, a special and unique opportunity is offered by Jaeger-LeCoultre. During the 8th Miljonair Fair, the visitors will have the opportunity to discover a unique set, the Hybris Mechanica 55. This unique set of models forms the most amazing trilogy in watchmaking history, composed of three timepieces housing an incredible total of 55 complications.

Eye-catcher Birdie – the golfer’s watch by CIMIER

(11/2009) The Birdie, a magical concept in the world of golf: to play under par is always an athletic achievement. CIMIER now gives you the opportunity to wear your personal Birdie on your wrist.

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