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Ternos Professional TT with ceramic bezel and automatic helium valve

An eye-catcher above water, under water a professional Ternos Professional TT with ceramic bezel and automatic helium valve

(12/2016) Some watches don’t have an easy time of it. On one hand they have vital functions to perform, while retaining a characteristic allure on the other. Many watches find it hard to rise to this often somewhat contradictory challenge. Not the case with the redesigned Ternos Professional TT from DAVOSA.

The Chronospace Evo Night Mission

Hitting the spot in blue and black The Chronospace Evo Night Mission

(12/2016) The spirit of performance is immediately perceptible in the sheer power of black satin-brushed titanium, achieved by a high-resistance carbon-based treatment, combined with the original note struck by a deep blue dial.

The DAVOSA Flatline Phase of Moon

An elegant timepiece with celestial daring The DAVOSA Flatline Phase of Moon

(11/2016) Qualities that appeal to business people: elegance, quality, a striking yet subtle appearance. We are not talking about shoes, shirt, tie, suit or spectacles, however, but a wristwatch. The Flatline series fulfils all these requirements.

Astrograph Limited Edition

A creative odyssey Astrograph Limited Edition

(10/2016) Projecting his dreams of conquering space onto a writing instrument was the original idea of the founder of MB&F, Maximilian Büsser. The creative and technical forces within Caran d'Ache enthusiastically embraced this new adventure, which proved to be both thrilling and complex.

MeisterSinger gives the new Phanero a refined touch

Elegance with a shimmering dial MeisterSinger gives the new Phanero a refined touch

(09/2016) MeisterSinger wristwatches are recognizable at first glance – and not only because of their single hour hand or continuous double-digit hour indicators. Dedicated to the same aesthetic ideal, they are also similar to one another in their carefully chosen typography.

The Alpina Startimer Camouflage Pilot Big Date Chronograph

A legendary aviation heritage The Alpina Startimer Camouflage Pilot Big Date Chronograph

(08/2016) In the first 50 years of the past century Alpina was a renowned manufacturer and official supplier of military aviation watches to continental air forces. Early aviation pioneers had strict requirements: their instruments had to be extremely precise and provide ultimate shock resistance.



(08/2016) After the steel model and the red gold limited series, Breitling now introduces this triple timezone chronograph, inspired by a watch from the 1950s-1960s, in an all-black new livery accentuating its original and timeless style. The steel case is coated with a high-resistance carbon-based treatment.

The MeisterSinger Wallflower

Robust beauty at second glance The MeisterSinger Wallflower

(08/2016) “Wallflower” has always described people who are often overlooked, whether it’s for an invitation to dance or even for a promotion. There are also wallflowers among a manufacturer’s products, but they are not to be confused with slow sellers. Slow sellers often sell slowly for a good reason, but a wallflower is a real discovery.

The DAVOSA Titanium Automatic

Polished all-rounder The DAVOSA Titanium Automatic

(06/2016) The DAVOSA Titanium Automatic always remains true to itself, even in the latest edition: It is a striking men’s watch with benchmark standards of quality and design. With doubled water resistance of 10 ATM and a new black rubber strap, the DAVOSA Titanium Automatic now unlocks its potential as a water sports companion. And the redesigned dials and additional straps ensure you also look your best on land.

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