Magnificent complicationPIERRE DEROCHE

Giving Engineering a Feminine FacePIERRE DEROCHE Milady Royal Retro

Women also love fine mechanical watches. And it is to them that PIERRE DEROCHE has dedicated this superb interpretation of the Calibre Royal Retro. With its display of six retrograde seconds hands, the movement is unique in its genre. These hands, on the visible movement, take over from each other for ten seconds, creating a fascinating mechanical ballet and making each minute seem like a moment of eternity.

This magnificent complication is enhanced by the finishing, which is designed by a woman for women and gives this timepiece a poetic and floral touch. The elegantly-shaped bridges are adorned with delicate motifs, highlighted by a subtle setting of jewels. The bezel, also set with jewels, adds a touch of sublimity to this harmoniously designed piece.

A watch that women will love a little, a lot, passionately, or to distraction.

Print 28.05.2022