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The platinium ChronographMontblanc

Upholding Traditions, Shaping The FutureMontblanc at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) 2004

An outstanding example among the 44 new models exhibited at SIHH 2004 is the “Montblanc TimeWalker” series of chronographs. These chronographs give the signal for change to a new era, shape and expression. In addition, Montblanc is also presenting new watch models from the successful “Montblanc Sport,” “Montblanc Profile” and “Montblanc Star” collections --new product ideas and designs that establish a convincing link between tradition and future. The “Montblanc Urban Walker Collection,” a new, high-class series of accessories, rounds off the presentation at the SIHH 2004.

Montblanc TimeWalker Chronographs: 4 new milestones into the future

At last year’s SIHH, Montblanc presented the innovative “Montblanc TimeWalker” series, timepieces for a new, confident and dynamic generation. This series was developed not only to assert the identity of one of the most established brands in the watch market, but also to demonstrate the brand’s ability to combine old values and traditional craftsmanship with the aesthetics of the 21st century. The idea behind “TimeWalker” is to strike out in new directions --a challenge to the wearer of this watch that applies equally to the Montblanc brand.

Montblanc presents the latest models of this exceptional collection at this year’s SIHH: “Montblanc TimeWalker Chrono Automatic,” four chronographs from the innovative “TimeWalker” design. Behind the architectonic language of their shape and the polished stainless steel style are the technical complexity and functionality of a high-quality chronograph. The effect is sporty, dynamic, and masculine. The case, with a domed, scratchproof and non-reflective sapphire crystal that is waterproof down to a depth of 30 metres, makes a striking and powerful impression. The optional black or silver dial is particularly discreet, and effectively highlights the various chronograph functions. The black alligator strap that accompanies the black dial gives the watch a coordinated elegance. The silver dial and brown alligator strap option creates a slightly more sporty impression. There are two additional options: a stainless steel bracelet in combination with a silver or black dial.

The avant-garde design conceals a mechanical movement with automatic winding and reaffirms the particular quality standards of the Montblanc company. With these two new models, Montblanc meets the individualistic demands of the “TimeWalker” target group and provides enthusiasts of this innovative look with genuine alternatives to the existing “Montblanc TimeWalker Date Automatic” watches.

Montblanc Sport Collection: 4 new interpretations of sportive elegance

An elegant, sportive and fascinating watch that is waterproof to a depth of 200 m.  The scratchproof sapphire crystal, the screw crown and screw-on back cover provide strength and impact resistance. Manufactured in Switzerland by Montblanc and consistent with the stringent demands of traditional craftsmanship.

At the SIHH 2004, Montblanc presents four new models of the “Montblanc Sport” collection: “Montblanc Sport GMT Automatic’’ made from 18 carat yellow gold with mechanical movement (COSC certified), a timeless combination of sportive functionality and the magic of gleaming gold. The GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time) function makes it possible to set a second time zone. The dial is a brilliant white and the brown alligator strap with white stitching and 18 carat gold clasp emphasise the sportive look in contrast to the solid gold of the case. The option with a solid gold bracelet combines the powerful appearance of a sport watch with the elegance of jewellery.

With its “Montblanc Sport Lady Jewels,” Montblanc presents for the first time its feminine “Sport Collection” models: luxurious, sporty timepieces in two different black-and-white options. A fascinating combination of a tough stainless steel case and the sparkling aura of diamonds. The white and black option combines a white, mother-of-pearl dial with black diamonds. 136 diamonds totalling 1.10 carats decorate the bezel while 11 additional diamonds mark the hours. The white rubber bracelet captures the white of the dial lending this decorative timepiece a light, sporty and fashionable touch. The corresponding black-and-white option is the exact opposite, with a black shiny dial, black rubber bracelet and white diamonds.

Montblanc Profile Lady Whitegold Jewels

The Montblanc highlight at the SIHH 2004 is the “Montblanc Profile Lady Whitegold Jewels.”  Majestic, extravagant and heavy in carats. The watch and casing are made in 18-carat white gold with diamonds totalling 10.16 carats. The square-shaped dial is encrusted with 98 diamonds with a Pavé cut. 146 diamonds decorate the case and the gold bracelet sparkles with 898 diamonds. With these “watch jewels,” Montblanc continues its “Profile” watch line, the first square models of the Montblanc watch collections presented in 2002.

These 18-carat gold watches set with precious stones are glamorous and extravagant, and are produced by skilled professionals at Montblanc Montre SA in Le Locle, Switzerland. With this collection, Montblanc satisfies the desire for luxury with a combination of sparkling precious stones, solid gold and traditional jewellery-making.  The collection highlights the company’s skills in the exclusive ladies’ watch sector.

The “Montblanc Profile Lady Whitegold Jewels” is complemented by the appropriate writing instrument: the first fountain pen ever completely set with diamonds – the “Montblanc Bohème.” The sparkling brilliant cut 1,430 diamonds and the body and cap made from 18-carat white gold transform the elegant and sensual “Bohème” form into the ultimate luxury of glamour, lustre and light. The extravagant Pavé settings – the perfect example of the ultimate setting and craftsmanship skills – form a unique design reminiscent of a Paisley pattern. An extravagant Paramount-cut diamond decorates the clip, which is also made in 18-carat white gold. “Montblanc Bohème Royal” -- the perfect combination of writing culture, aesthetics and magnificence.

Montblanc Star Platinum Collection: New variations of elegance and timeless aesthetics

Stainless steel with a platinum PVD illustrates the skilful combination of classical design, technical mastery and the art of traditional watch making featuring mechanical movement with automatic winding.

The latest “star” of the series is the “Montblanc Star Chronograph GMT Automatic” with its impressive 42 mm diameter. The stainless steel housing with PVD platinum coating shimmers subtly and the silver dial is harmoniously integrated. In addition to the classic chronograph functions is the GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time) function, which allows a second time zone to be set.  The black alligator strap provides the classic noble finish. As additional novelties of the “Montblanc Star Platinum Collection,” Montblanc presents the classic automatic model, “Montblanc Star Large Automatic” with a 40-mm dial as well as three “Vintage” models.

Montblanc Star Gilt Collection: “Vintage” models – the classics from Montblanc

Montblanc Star Gilt,” made from stainless steel coated with gilt PVD, combines the strength of stainless steel with the sensuality of gold colour. Out of reverence for the classics of the Montblanc watch collections, Montblanc presents three vintage models stylishly packed in a leather box of timeless design.

The “Montblanc Vintage Star Réserve de Marche” is enchanting in its modesty and elegance. A stainless steel case coated with gilt PVD embraces the silver, delicate guilloché dial with an external second display and power reserve. Hidden behind is the heart of the watch: a mechanical movement with manual winding, manufactured according to the strict demands of the traditional Swiss watch industry. A brown alligator strap with white stitching completes the vintage look. Fascinatingly “classical” and yet “modern.”

In addition to “Star Gilt” and “Star Platinum,” the large and highly successful family of the “Montblanc Star Collection” includes the “Star Steel” and “Star Gold” series made in stainless steel and gold respectively, as well as the “Royal Star Steel” and “Royal Star Gold,” both of which are set with diamonds. Last but not least, it includes the “Star Carbon” model with its carbon dial.

Montblanc Urban Walker Collection: Contemporary expression of a distinguished lifestyle

Fashion comes and goes, but style remains. Style that has been cultivated by the Montblanc company since the legendary ’’Meisterstück’’ and which continues in its successful watch collections. Montblanc also dedicates the same commitment to its jewellery accessories. At SIHH 2004, Montblanc presents a new collection of masculine accessories made from platinized stainless steel, the “Montblanc Urban Walker Collection.”  As discreet and understated as they are elegant, these masculine “items of jewellery” are symbols of expectation and an urbane lifestyle.

The highlights of the “Montblanc Urban Walker Collection” are the cufflinks with the famous white Montblanc star on a black background. An additional model of platinized cufflinks with square Guilloché and discreet Montblanc script, as well as a money clip and a sleek masculine armlet complete the “Montblanc Urban Walker Collection.”

At the SIHH 2004, Montblanc continues its incomparable success story with sportive, elegant watches that are unique in their design and technical quality. Once again, Montblanc demonstrates the same commitment to developing accessories to accompany them. With the “Urban Walker Collection,” the manufacturer of luxury writing instruments, watches, leather and jewellery accessories, masterfully brings about the symbiosis between Montblanc tradition and modern design. The Montblanc jewellery collections combine material and the jeweller’s art to produce classically elegant items of jewellery.

Montblanc Montre SA in Le Locle, Switzerland: An island in time

Since its founding in 1997, Montblanc Montre SA has been located in an Art Nouveau villa in Le Locle, the birthplace of traditional Swiss watch-making.  All Montblanc watches are manufactured in Le Locle, and combine the finest craftsmanship and best Swiss watch-making traditions.

The success of the Montblanc watch collections illustrates that Montblanc has attained a secure place in the circle of renowned watchmakers and has become an important partner for jewellers. The ever-increasing demand for Montblanc watches and their rising significance within the Montblanc product range has necessitated an extension of the production facilities. In summer 2003, a modern and transparent atrium-style building was built to complement the historic Art Nouveau villa. The new building, which was carefully integrated into the landscape, reflects the Montblanc philosophy of combining traditional values with innovative ideas.

A symbiosis of historical and modern architecture

The headquarters of Montblanc Montre SA, an Art Nouveau villa built in 1906 and finished in 1907, is the same age as the company Montblanc, which was founded in 1906 in Hamburg. Visitors to the factory have the opportunity to look over the watchmakers' shoulders as they work and experience the Montblanc philosophy.

For this purpose, the architectural masterpiece offers five stylishly furnished suites with an entirely private atmosphere and a park with historic pavillons equipped with desks to read or write. The headquarters of Montblanc Montre SA are an island in time, and there guests can experience first hand the reliable values that the brand has been committed to for nearly 100 years.

In summer 2003, the historic factory acquired a modern face. With the new atrium, which is integrated in the landscape and which gives direct access to the existing building, the over-all surface has been extended form 200 to 800 square meters. It now offers workspace for more than 40 employees and a maximum production capacity of up to 200.000 watches per year. In addition to the production facilities, product management and development as well as the sales and logistics departments are located here.

The Montblanc philosophy of combining classic and modern values is also followed inside the building. There, traditional values are blended with the innovative spirit of contemporary Swiss artists and their works, which decorate the walls of the new building.

The Montblanc Cutting Edge Art Collection

Montblanc is rooted in the culture of writing and therefore considers it a special responsibility to make its own cultural commitment. Beyond music and theatre projects and the Montblanc Arts Patronage Award, a unique international award for private patrons of the arts, this commitment also comprises contemporary art with the Montblanc Cutting Edge Art Collection.

The collection consists of more than 30 works – especially created for this collection – by internationally renowned artists. All works offer an interpretation of the world-famous trademark of Montblanc, the white star, symbolising the snow-covered top of Mont Blanc mountain. In the Montblanc Cutting Edge Art Collection, which is mainly located at Montblanc’s Hamburg headquarters, three Swiss artists are represented: Sylvie Fleury, Ugo Rondinone and John Armleder. Their works are now exhibited in the new Montblanc Montre SA building and are accessible to employees and visitors alike.

Sylvie Fleury, born in 1961 in Geneva, became the darling of the international art world with her installations from the worlds of fashion and consumerism. At Montblanc Montre SA, she is represented with a neon Montblanc star created in 2002. Sylvie Fleury lives and works in Geneva. Ugo Rondinone, born in 1964 in Brunnen, lives and works in Zurich and New York.  In his works, he explores the ambivalence of the artificial and the real. His interpretation of the white star shown in Le Locle is especially colourful, and he is famous for this approach. John Armleder created a wall painting with variations of the white star on a black wall. Armleder was born in Geneva in 1948 and lives and works in Geneva and New York.