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The new NEO!MeisterSinger

Of course, each hour contains 60 minutes - but different amounts of timeFor 10 years MeisterSinger has been decelerating time

When, 10 years ago, the watch enthusiast and designer Manfred Brassler established the German watch company MeisterSinger, his quest was to create pure mechanical timepieces that were not overburdened with complications and features on the dial. It was important that no second, minute, split second hand or second or third time zone should disturb the simple and balanced design of a MeisterSinger single-hand watch. The simple design of these genuine timepieces, as a counterpoise to today’s hustle and bustle, was the basis for the success of the single-hand watch.

“Today we go to great lengths to save time, fine-tuning technology, streamlining processes and speeding up communications,” says Manfred Brassler. “While trying to make time stretch a little further, we’re also running from one appointment to the next, driven by ticking hours, minutes and seconds. It seems unlikely that looking at a watch could provide the breathing space we yearn for. But one glance at a single-hand watch by MeisterSinger show’s that it is possible.” Not a completely new idea, of course.  MeisterSinger watches were inspired by the original single-hand timekeepers, the sundial and the first mechanical timepieces made in the 17th century. A lone hand, moving with unhurried increments of five minutes, appears to slow the passage of time.

Only industrialization and the division of labour led to the needs of showing time in a more precise way. But one single-hand is more than enough. Can you ever remember when your wife last said that you were late by 27 minutes and 48 seconds? So, Einstein was wrong. Speed isn’t the only thing that can change time. Now there’s a watch that can, too. Although there’s nothing mean spirited about the way MeisterSinger keeps time, they are positively pedantic when it comes to quality. Precision Swiss movements encased in premium stainless steel guarantee maximum accuracy. Fine sapphire crystals protect the award-winning dials and the uniqueness of each watch is documented by its individual serial number.