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A real winner!Chronoswiss

BASELNEWS 2011The Chronoswiss Timemaster Split Second Takes Time(s) Precisely

Almost 20 years after the development of the legendary Chronograph Rattrapante, Chronoswiss once again presents a watch with split-seconds timing: the new Timemaster Split Second is a highly precise, high-end instrument for measuring time, and can stop two events independent of one another. Additionally, the extremely detailed scale and the chronograph hand fashioned by hand even allow the user to read the stopped time precisely to the quarter ― and even eighth ― of a second.

The eighth-of-a-second scale is explained by the caliber’s frequency: 28,800 vibrations per hour equal precisely eight “steps” per second, a first in such detailed precision for Chronoswiss. Such an exceptionally precise function deserves a special edition, and thus this new timepiece is only available in an exclusive limited edition of 55 pieces worldwide.

Highly complex rattrapante technology

Once again seizing upon the highly complex rattrapante technology, Chronoswiss proves its competence in mechanical chronographs. The chronograph, which is already a complication, is raised to a higher power with the addition of the split-second hand. Chronoswiss developed an especially clever solution using a column wheel and double tongs for the Chronograph Rattrapante introduced in 1992. This particularly smart example of horological know-how was rewarded with Swiss patent number 682 201. The patented Chronoswiss caliber with the split-seconds mechanism directly underneath the dial now also ticks in the Timemaster Split Second.

Visually, this timepiece is also a winner; the Timemaster Split Second’s design is sporty and elegant and guarantees optimal legibility, which represents quite a challenge given the myriad displays. Compatible with its exclusive limited status, the chronograph is dominated by the upscale color combination of black and red gold. While the bezel and chronograph buttons constitute DLC-coated stainless steel, the case and the split-seconds button are crafted in solid red gold. The Sterling silver dial is embellished with the addition of gold-plated hands.

One source of inspiration for the Timemaster Split Second was motorsports, where everything is about fractions of seconds. Chronoswiss’s founder Gerd-Rüdiger Lang himself performed timing duties at sports highlights such as Formula 1 racing and the Olympic Games in Moscow in the 1980s. These experiences left a great impression on the master watchmaker, who is sometimes called Mr. Chronograph thanks to his fondness for the complication. The Timemaster Split Second is his first rattrapante chronograph to show quarter and eighths of seconds, and it even includes an innovative rotating ring with an integrated tachymeter scale. This way, sporty drivers can immediately see whether his or her dashboard tachymeter is telling the truth.

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