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BASELNEWS 2011A Concentrate of the Whole World: Nomos Tangomat GMT

People who travel a lot know them by heart – and they’re also on your ticket and baggage tag: the codes for the great airports. Instead of the entire names of the cities, these space-saving abbreviations appear in the indicator window of the new Tangomat GMT. And so the NOMOS classic, the Tangomat, which is the basis of this watch, can maintain its typically reduced face even in the version with a second time zone.

Such an additional function for a watch that, after all, is famous for its minimalism, for its “less is more,” for nothing inessential about it – wasn’t easy. All the more gratifying is this result of the meticulous fiddling on the part of NOMOS’ constructors, designers, and 150 people who tested this watch last year. A window in the nine o’clock position now shows what time zone you are currently in. A small time disc with a 24-hour face in the three o’clock position and a small red arrow beside it remind you of the time at home.

Now this watch is coming to the shops. For everyone who likes things comfortable and beautiful and simple. No more calculating differences in your head! Press the button until the desired time zone appears in the window in the nine o’clock position and the hands already tell you the local time. LON, BER, TYO, HKG, MOW, and NYC are the abbreviations for the corresponding time zones on this watch. But the indicator in the three o’clock position doesn’t change; here the Tangomat GMT remains faithful to the time at your home base, letting you know whether your call there should begin with “good morning” or “good evening” – or if you’ll be waking your colleagues.

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