Strong emotions!DE BETHUNE

Aesthetic masterpieceBASELWORLD 2011 Preview: DE BETHUNE Regulateur Tourbillon DB25T

De Bethune's Tourbillon Regulator is clearly in a class of its own, a "living" creation, a symbol of classic watchmaking at its finest, with an embossed non-treated sterling silver dial and, at its centre, a depiction of the celestial vault bespangled with stars chased on blued titanium. The power reserve at 12 o'clock, the hour, minute and jumping seconds at the centre, as well as the master watchmaker's movement with its tourbillon visible on the back, were all designed to meet the requisites of a wristwatch.

The silicon/titanium tourbillon, weighing 0.18 grams, is in a carriage that makes one revolution every 30 seconds. A technical and aesthetic masterpiece, uncompromising and irresistibly beautiful. Strong emotions guaranteed.

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Print 28.05.2022