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The 12th timepieceBASELWORLD 2011 Preview: TheANDERSEN Rodinia

Andersen Genève is renowned for such world time watches as Communication 24 in 1985, Christophorus Columbus in 1992 and Mundus in 1984, the world's thinnest universal time watch. Svend Andersen now presents Rodinia or "Revolution of evolution", the 12th timepiece in his World Time collection.

In the world of geology, Rodinia is the name given to a supercontinent which contained most or all of the earth's land mass and broke up around 1,100 million years ago. Andersen Genève has given this supercontinent pride of place at the centre of its timepiece. The central dial, in blue gold, rotates once a day and indicates the 24 time zones opposite the names of 30 of the world's most important cities. An elegant way of celebrating time here and elsewhere, today as in the past.

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Print 28.05.2022