Excellent legibilityBALL WATCH

Tested in most extreme conditionsBASELWORLD 2011 Preview: BALL WATCH Storm Chaser DLC Glow

A robust model with unpretentious lines, the Storm Chaser DLC Glow from Ball Watch pays tribute to those courageous men who brave the most extreme conditions in the name of science, storm chasers. Excellent legibility is provided on this all-black chronograph by 66 luminescent gas micro-tubes doubling as hourmarkers.

As well as the basic functions, this watch features a tachometer and a rangefinder, both of which can rapidly become life-saving functions when it is a matter of evaluating the distance and speed of a discharge sometimes exceeding 100 million volts. The final tribute to this most unusual of professions is the engraving on the back of Josh Wurman's Doppler on Wheels. He was the first man to mount a weather radar on his truck to analyse and understand the structure of these phenomena. Limited edition of 1,999 watches.

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Print 28.05.2022