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FVa35 SuperSonico
5-Minute Repeater FRANC VILA

The SuperLigero Concept collectionBASELWORLD 2011 Preview: The new FRANC VILA 5-Minute Repeater

Franc Vila unveils its latest creation in the SuperLigero Concept collection, the FVa35 Supersonico 5-Minute Repeater. This five-minute repeater watch, one of its creator’s favourite complications, features a case combining titanium and red gold. To sublimate its sound, the movement bridges are made from Lightnium, an aluminium and lithium alloy used in aeronautical engineering.

In order to optimise the view of its mechanism, this timepiece has no dial and thus reveals the rich beauty of the movement when the minute repeater is activated by the pushpiece on the case. 88-piece limited edition.

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