Ref 882.550.989BEDAT & CO.

A perfect marriage of watchmaking and jewelleryBASELWORLD 2011 Preview: A BEDAT & CO. jewellery watch

Inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1930's and by the ancestral savoir-faire it shares with the leading craftsmen of the Jura, Bedat & Co proudly presents Model 882, a jewellery watch guaranteed to appeal instantly to women. A perfect marriage of watchmaking and jewellery, this timepiece is set with no fewer than 365 diamonds for a total of 3.53 carats.

The white mother-of-pearl dial, with its exquisite diamond-set centre, and the interlaced corolla of diamonds exemplifies goldsmithery at its very finest. The creator's final touch, the figure 8, will remind women of the logo of the brand behind this refined watch, and of the symbol of happiness it represents.

All informations about the watch fair: BASELWORLD

Print 28.05.2022