MIRA Fée Céleste MIRA

Dedicated to womenBASELWORLD 2011 Preview: MIRA Fée Céleste

Mira’s first ladies' collection tells a love story. Once upon a time, a swan was floating above a mother-of-pearl and black aventurine lake, waiting for its companion. The incarnation of fidelity, the eternal bird invests this elegant and timeless piece with deep significance. And as it is dedicated to women, it sparkles with a setting of no fewer than 166 diamonds.

Combined with pink gold and mother-of-pearl, these accentuate the beauty and purity of the Fée Céleste’s plumage, which seems to skim over the passing time, symbolised here by the off-centre hours at 12 o’clock and the retrograde minutes at 6 o’clock. A delicate combination of imagery and imagination on the path to dreams.

Print 28.05.2022