Spectacular timepiecePeter Tanismans

A playful fragment of eternityBASELWORLD 2011 Preview: Peter Tanismans and his Fantasia 1001 watch

Emerging straight from the enchanted workshops of Peter Tanisman, Fantasia is a precious and playful fragment of eternity. No less than 901 diamonds totalling 8.71 carats adorn the unexpected shapes of this spectacular timepiece with its elegant 18K white gold case. Seven rivers of diamonds flow from 12 to 6 o’clock along the scintillating dial, and the 48 precious stones composing them move gently in time with wrist movements.

The brand’s signature endlessly spinning “carrousel” rotating cylinder adds a traditional and yet modern touch. Edition limited to 50 pieces.

All informations about the watch fair: BASELWORLD

Print 28.05.2022