A revolutionary, avant-garde timepiece BASELWORLD 2011 Preview: FREDERIC JOUVENOT Solar Deity Collection

Here for the first time is a watch that tells the time without conventional hands, numbers or discs! Frédéric Jouvenot has achieved a real tour de force with its Solar Deity collection, named after the sunbeam design of its hour display. The path of the sun and the alternating day/night cycle are shown by means of 12 radio-concentric, three-dimensional rays.

At midday, when the sun is at its zenith, all the sunbeams are golden to represent full daylight. As time passes, the sunbeams turn black one by one as day moves towards night. All the models are named after a god, like the Helios, which won the GTE 2011 Superwatch Award, or the Inti. A revolutionary, avant-garde timepiece offered in a limited edition.

All informations about the watch fair: BASELWORLD

Print 28.05.2022