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Chronograph B61Vostok

Extravagant stainless steel caseBASELWORLD 2011 Preview: The name B-61. The reason - a hero

Just on time to the 50th anniversary of the historical space flight of Yuri Gagarin, the brand “Poljot-International“ is presenting a new chronograph “B61“ as special edition. The letter „B“ stands for the first letter of the Russian word “ВОСТОК”, name of the space ship and number “61“ refers to the year 1961.

On this exceptional occasion was created a new model which is very different from other pilots’ watches. It is much more modern and peppy than conventional watches. The main part is played by the open date display coloured in yellow, white or blue on black background. The backstitched seam of the leather strap with the same colours and the small coloured second hands are complete and determine the appearance of this exceptional watch.

As usual for pilots’ watches, a tachometer scale is located at the bezel and the extravagant stainless steel case is protected by sapphire glass. A real eye-catcher are also the large pushers which are not only attractive but also very easy to handle. They can be pushed without any problem even with pilots’ gloves.

The very modest price of 799 Euro is underlining the fact that this watch model is meeting all requirements to become a real “hero” in sales.

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