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Longines Legend DiverLongines

Great sporting pioneers and their exploitsA true diving watch: The Longines Legend Diver

The Sport Legends series pays homage to the pioneers of sport and their exploits, timed by Longines. The latest arrival, the Longines Legend Diver, is a re-issue of a 1960 diving watch produced during the hour of glory of marine exploration and military and sports diving. At the time, in 1953, Longines had participated in the depth record of the bathyscaph “Trieste”, supplying the on-board instruments.

Maintaining all of the spirit and design typical of the 1960s, Longines has endowed this classic watch with up-to-date and high-performance technical features: a well-proportioned sapphire glass, two screw-in crowns and screw-down case back to assure water-resistance to 300 m and turning internal disk for divers. In this way, this watch combines high performance and timeless elegance with a legendary style.

The winged hourglass brand

Since the start of the 20th century, the winged hourglass brand has been constantly associated with the names of legendary pioneers such as Captain P.v.H. Weems, Charles Lindbergh, Howard Hughes and Donald Campbell, in the fields of aviation, terrestrial and submarine exploration, and also speed records on land and water. Forming a veritable “Hall of Fame” of the Longines Sport Collection, the models of the Sport Legends series include the Legend Diver, a high-performance diving watch offering revival design. A re-issue of a 1960 diving watch in the spirit of the depth records in which Longines participated, in particular that of the bathyscaph “Trieste”, to -3150 m in September 1953, it maintains the main features, including shaped glass, of its forebear, as a reminiscence of the technical constraints of the period, although here executed with the tolerances and high performance of today’s diving watches.

Its 42 mm stainless steel case has a screw-down case back, embossed with a diver. The two crowns are also screwed-in and decorated with a finely-chased checked design, which recurs on the buckle of the synthetic strap, made in pure 1960s style. One of the crowns activates and blocks the bi-directional internal disk making it possible to determine the dive time remaining. The superluminova luminescent indices on the lacquered black dial offer optimal legibility, assisted by the sober, clear typography of the figures 2, 6, 9 and 12.

A true diving watch, the Longines Legend Diver is water-resistant to 300 m. It is fitted with an automatic L633 mechanical movement with 45 hour power reserve.