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Rodolphe Cattin and
Thomas MeyerMRC

Rodolphe Cattin bursts back onto the sceneManufacture Rodolphe Cattin: He is back!

Rodolphe Cattin announced his return to the watch scene with the official launching of the Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin (MRC). To mark the occasion, he presented some original collections of both ladies’ and men’s models guaranteed to live up to consumers’ expectations. Conceived and co-founded with Thomas Meyer, Rodolphe Cattin Manufacture brings together these two contemporary watchmaking talents with their avant-garde vision and spirit.

Rodolphe Cattin is bringing all his experience and creativity back to the watch scene with the Manufacture Rodolphe Cattin, a brand that intends to live up to its image: dynamic, mature, rebellious and revolutionary. The primary goal for this accomplished artist, who defines himself as a designer, is to establish a synergy between the various contemporary watchmaking players who encouraged him to take up this new challenge with Thomas Meyer. Expect the partnership between these two professionals to make headlines!

Back to his roots

Rodolphe Cattin comes from Porrentruy and has never forgotten his roots. The development of his timepieces will also be influenced by his return to the cities of Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds, whose watchmaking tradition he carries within him like a tribute to the region’s centuries-old know-how. While the manufacture is firmly rooted in the Jura, its founder draws his inspiration from the best of contemporary design in places like Paris, New York, Milan and Barcelona. Shaped by these various influences, his models promise to be so aesthetically unique that they will be transformed into pure emotion, above and beyond the high-calibre mechanisms they house.

A brand for men and women

Featuring pink gold finishings combined with alligator, satin and rubies, the Rodolphe Cattin Manufacture range is available in two versions: exclusively feminine and infinitely masculine. For the ladies, the Utopia and Adore collections are refined but restrained combinations of glamour, mother-of-pearl and diamonds. The small diamond-studded balls replacing the traditional horns add a sublimely feminine touch. For the men, the virile lines of the exceptional and unique Witness collection conceal a wide choice of movements: dual time zone, mono push-piece chronograph and original tourbillons. What makes this twofold approach so unusual is that it attaches more importance to the ladies’ than to the men’s collections (60/40). Thomas Meyer and Rodolphe Cattin carefully studied the new market trends before striving to reflect them in their creations. The result is a sublime symbiosis of a love for design and haute horlogerie in its most divine expression, 100% Made by Rodolphe Cattin.

All of these new creations will be presented in January at an appropriate venue in Geneva.