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Very affordable: Valjoux for 399 EuroUHR

Genuine Valjoux Chronographs for less than 400 Euro!Watches by UHR: A clever (Swabian) idea at

Baden-Württemberg is known for its innovations and “Swabian“ sparingness. That now a very clever “watch-idea“ has come from this model state seems only logical. Watches from UHR, that’s how easy it is to describe the idea. Or even better: High-quality mechanical watches by UHR with Swiss movement at an unbeatable price. The range extends from simple Three-Hand watches to Chronographs to Diving watches to Aviation watches. For simple Three-Hand watches with ETA 2824 prices start below 200 Euro, and for Valjoux Chronographs below 400 Euro.

Turning the price spiral!

Sparing Swabians have turned the price spiral everywhere for these extreme low retail prices, but not for the product or quality. “Savings were also made in marketing, expensive prospects and industry-standard packaging“ according to Thomas Stettner, one of the brains behind Uhren von UHR. Uhren von UHR reviewed and queried every detail. As a result there are no specialty retailers with high mark-ups. The sales and marketing concept is simple: Watches by UHR can only be purchased directly from their own Online-Shop. Thus, watches by UHR are perfectly suited for people who don’t care about brands or prestige and prefer quality and good value for their money.

5-Year Warranty!

Speaking of quality? That’s great! After all, watches by UHR come with a 5-year warranty. Such extended warranty promises are hard to find with other watch brands. No wonder that the first designs were sold out within just a few days. Even Thomas Stettner was amazed at the demand.