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AIRMAN 7 GoldGlycine

BASELNEWS 2005New noble watch models by Glycine: AIRMAN 7 Gold & LAGUNARE Chronometer

At Baselworld 2005, Glycine presents two of its collection’s masterpieces: the conspicuous oversize AIRMAN 7 Gold world time watch manufactured in luxurious rose gold, and the LAGUNARE Chronometer – the first Glycine chronometer to be launched since the 1950s.

AIRMAN 7 Gold – the highpoint of the legend of aviation

With its conspicuous 53mm diameter and three independent mechanical movements, the AIRMAN 7 is the showpiece of Glycine Watch SA – the Biel aviation watch pioneer. Today, to pay homage to the successful launch, three years ago, of the AIRMAN 7 steel model, Glycine is bringing out a luxury 18-carat solid rose gold version. In the words of the company’s CEO and designer, Katherina Brechbühler, “The AIRMAN 7 Gold is the culmination of over 50 years of history in aviation watches”. As well as being exclusive, with only 50 models being launched onto the world market, the AIRMAN 7 Gold is rare, and some Glycine enthusiasts have already ordered their model. The solid gold AIRMAN 7 has nothing in common with the usual gold watch clichés and even accentuates the Glycine philosophy of not saving on materials. According to Katherina Brechbühler, “in watch manufacturing, noble materials can also be used generously”.

The AIRMAN 7 Gold features an 18-carat rose gold case and a special edition of the finely finished 2671 and 2893 movements. The watch’s black guilloche dials and high class leather strap fitted with an 18-carat gold buckle underline its noble character. The watch comes in a varnished wooden case with an additional leather strap and a goldplated band-setting tool and is available at around CHF 21,500.

LAGUNARE Chronometer – the high precision diver watch

Along with the AIRMAN line, Glycine’s robust LAGUNARE diver watches represent one of the firm’s most important collections. At this year’s Baselworld, Katherina Brechbühler launchs the new LAGUNARE Chronometer – the first chronometer to be manufactured by Glycine since the 1950s. Talking about this certified Chronometer, she says that “the LAGUNARE is the elite model of our diver watch line, and offers the utmost in reliability and high precision”.

The LAGUNARE Chronometer features a numbered case with a double case back, thereby providing the movement with enhanced protection. The watch’s rotating inner ring is used when diving. It is operated by a screwed crown positioned at two o’clock and is fitted with a particularly bright light beam and an extra-strong sapphire glass. Water resistant to 300 meters, this precision chronometer also features an extremely robust tailor-made integrated rubber strap, and is available at around CHF 2,300.

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