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Mission MARS 500

MARS 500 mission starts on 3rd of June 2010Real-time simulation: FORTIS watches fly to Mars

On Thursday, the 3rd of June, the ESA, the Federal Space Agency FSA and the IMBP (Institute for Biomedical Problems) will send 6 probands on a mission to planet MARS. This extraordinary mission will in the news and in science magazines all over the world.

This real-time simulation will start in Moscow and the hatchway will isolate the crew from the rest of the world for 520 days. As an expert and also personally involved in this experiment, the scientist Ms. Vera Brümmer will accompany the mission and reports exclusively for FORTIS about the mission progress within the next one and a half years. The official MARS 500 mission watches from Swiss manufacturer FORTIS will assure the correct timing.