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Modern interpretation of erotic images Erotic Watches by Riccardo Zannetti

The Brain Orgy represents a delicious modern and psychoanalytic interpretation of erotic images, that are largely present in the watch history, and in which intellectual pleasure, strictness and divertissement merge magnificently. They become “serious” objects, for “serious” people, that with a big seriousness, doesn’t consider themselves too serious. The draft is almost “escherian” in its twisted complexity, represents our primary sexual organ. As often it happens, the Brain, with its contortions is close to the metamorphosis, until thoughts and symbols of unrestrained eroticism. This watch could be defined “parable” joyful and thoughtful.

Riccardo Zannetti

The history of Riccardo Zannetti is the offspring of a great passion in the field of watchmaking born at the turn of the century when Carmine Zannetti, master goldsmith and passionate fanatic of fine mechanics, gave life to that extraordinary adventure in technical perfection and design which is the essence of Zannetti’s creations today. He is succeeded by his son Mario Zannetti, a professor in design and an international artist in his own right. His geometrical lines still influence today’s production, especially his passion for intricate mechanical workings.