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Warm deep brown!MeisterSinger

This special model of N° 01 A temptation for your senses: The classic watch from MeisterSinger

MeisterSinger N° 01 is deemed a classic amongst watch connoisseurs. Now this timeless classic is available as a special temptation. The new colour „sun shape cut chocolat“ plays with the light and shows different facets depending on the position of the sun: from a warm deep brown to cacao - due to the special sun-shaped cut! At the same time there will be a change in the version of the hand wound N° 01: As of now, this watch is available with a screwed bottom and sapphire glass. A casing of even yet higher quality rounds this model upgrading perfect off. And most importantly, the N° 01 stays as affordable as you are accustomed to.

This MeisterSinger watch is a big credit to its ancestors, the sun dial and the first mechanical watches. We really liked this principle of the single hand and the relaxed perception of time that comes along with the sun dial, therefore we quasi have created the sun dial for your wrist.