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Design by Morrison

BASELNEWS 2010The new white design classic.: RADIO r5.5 White Jubilé

The new timepiece is the continuation of the partnership of the r5.5 collection between Rado and British designer Jasper Morrison. Fuelled by the same passion and philosophy as Rado, Morrison once again seeks to take the industry by storm with his interpretation of the jubilé theme.

Fresh, modern. Morrison has added to the appeal of the r5.5 collection by choosing white for this version. This new interpretation exudes sophistication as the white ceramics and diamonds work together to present a timepiece that is both chic and stylish.

Sensual. Sophisticated. The white ceramic bracelet perfectly and seamlessly blends into the case of the watch, making it effortless to wear. The case's gentle curved edges make it sensual yet serene.

Uncompromising luxury as the champagne colored sun brushed dial features eight carefully placed diamonds. The choice of gold for the indexes and three hands, add to the watches appeal. All are activated by the white ceramic crown and lie under sapphire crystal.