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For delicate wrists

BASELNEWS 2010NOMOS Glashütte: New line of watches for smaller people and more delicate wrists

For many years, the NOMOS brand was guided by the credo, “Women should wear normal watches for grown-ups.” One size should suffice. Protests against this belief fell on deaf ears – until someone finally went and measured, and discovered that each person is, in fact, built differently. NOMOS watches look tiny on some people, but on others they seem gigantic – it’s all relative. There really are women who wear size zero and most Chinese women will never grow taller than 1.5 meters – such delicate young (and also not so young) women wear watches. And since some are tall while others are short and some are full-bodied while others are thin, NOMOS now offers women something more appropriate for their wrists.

Quite obviously, there’s a gap in the market: good women’s watches that manage to be feminine without resorting to diamonds and pink mother of pearl. Many women prefer things more straightforward. Evidence for this is provided by the growing number of female customers and also by watch design competitions, where the modest NOMOS Glashütte models have consistently won the contests for women’s watches, despite the fact that they are made in a uniform size for both men and women.

Now you can get these watches in somewhat smaller “33” format: Tangente, Orion, and Ludwig. The Ludwig 33 model comes not only with a white silverplated dial (like its big sister), but also in elegant anthracite. Tangente 33 makes its appearance in traditional white and also in a new grey tone. There are also two variants of Orion 33: either with light rhodium-plated hands or with tempered blue hands. And to make them a bit more visually delicate, these new models are attached to straps made of suede. So why “33”? It doesn’t refer to the age of the lady wearing it, but the watch’s diameter in millimeters. With its 10.5 lines, the NOMOS manually wound alpha caliber is a perfect fit and makes the 33ers very grown-up watches. And the fact that they sell for less money than the larger NOMOS watches makes them that much more desirable!