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Nonchalant classics

BASELNEWS 2010New edition of Ludwig - NOMOS Glashütte complements its collection

You know, we don’t really have a need for the most extreme things out there. We don’t require a multifunctional kitchen appliance or a briefcase made of sharkskin. Nor do we need 28 chronographs. Not in the least. But a good suit, a well-fitting pair of jeans, nice shoes, and a classic watch: it’s not too exaggerated to possess things like this that help us express who we are.

The new Ludwig Automatik is exactly such an item. For many people, this watch is a perfect fit: at last something that is simply elegant and not at all sporty, like most self-winding watches out there (who is really that sporty, after all?). This watch is timeless – the perfect thing to go with a business suit. Plus, it’s not made of gold, like most timepieces with roman numerals, but has a stainless steel case – making it just a tiny bit cooler. “Just the right dash of nonchalance” was the phrase circulating around the NOMOS design department when the first prototypes of this watch arrived.

Also, the new size serves Ludwig well: because of the automatic caliber, the diameter of this well-known NOMOS model has grown, making it appear even flatter – the watch has achieved optimal proportions. Ludwig Automatik is a logical addition to the collection: a flat automatic watch with classic appeal, a thing of beauty for all those who want, or need, to appear clever and reputable – and it comes in both black and white versions.

As with the Zürich and Tangomat models, Ludwig Automatik is powered by the NOMOS epsilon caliber or, for those versions with date indicator, by the zeta caliber. The new watch will be available in the fall for 1680 Euros, or 2040 Euros respectively, and always with a sapphire crystal glass back.