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Invention Pieces 3Greubel Forsey

BASELNEWS 2008Greubel Forsey presents the Double Tourbillon Technique and Invention Pieces 3

The Double Tourbillon Technique is an  entirely original and  innovative interpretation of Greubel Forsey’s first fundamental invention, the Double Tourbillon 30°. At the heart of the timepiece is the Double Tourbillon 30° mechanism?; however, to perpetuate the art of horology and contribute to its 21st century development, several additional technical elements have been added, including four fast-rotating co-axial barrels. Invention Piece 3 pays homage to Greubel Forsey's third invention, the Tourbillon 24 Secondes Incliné. The third invention consists of a single tourbillon cage inclined at a 25° angle and performing a rapid rotation in 24 seconds.

The minute display is concentric to the hour dial, with the hours distinguished by a red indicator and the minutes by a blue one. The power reserve, offset at 2 o’clock, is visually balanced by the tourbillon at 8 o’clock and provides linear reading of the indications. A sub-seconds dial at 5 o’clock ensures the overall equilibrium of the timepiece.