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Topping-OutDeutsches Uhrenmuseum

Live music, free beer, and grilled gastronomic specialtiesTopping-Out Ceremony for German Watch Museum Glashütte

A traditional topping-out ceremony took place at the construction site of the German Watch Museum Glashütte on June 28, 2007, celebrating the end of another important construction phase. After clearing away one complete floor and completing a new attic, the point has now been reached where the historical state of the building can once again be attained.

The citizens of Glashütte, employees of all the local watch companies, and the tradesmen participating in the construction work were invited to the celebration by contractor Glashütte Original. Under a sunny sky, the invited guests were able to see for themselves how the last nail was hammered and the topping-out wreath was put up. After that, live music, free beer, and grilled gastronomic specialties ensured a great atmosphere on the town’s square.

Mayor Frank Reichel said of the event, “For me – and I’m sure for all the citizens of Glashütte – it is wonderful to experience this traditional building being renovated and turned back into a venue with a purpose.” Dr. Frank Müller, president of Glashütte Original, added, “With the topping-out ceremony, we have reached another phase of our plan: creating a museum in Glashütte that maintains the rich cultural inheritance of the city.”

At the same time, Müller called out to watch connoisseurs and potential donators, “The real work of the foundation – conveying the past and supporting our traditional craft – will really begin when the museum is inaugurated in May of next year. Thus, I allow myself to ask for spiritual support and material contributions from all friends and supporters of the German art of watchmaking.” The opening of the new experience-oriented museum is planned for May 2008 – the same month that the founding of the German School of Watchmaking will celebrate its 130th anniversary.