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Power and eleganceBreitling designs a new clock for Bentley

To accompany the launch of the Continental GT Speed, the latest epitome of power and elegance from Bentley, Breitling has entirely redesigned the dashboard clock equipping the famous Continental models. In 2002, Breitling heralded its prestigious alliance with Bentley by contributing to the design of the technical instrumentation and by creating the dashboard clock for the new Continental GT. Since then, the Breitling clock has also been fitted in the Continental Flying Spur 4-door saloon and the GTC convertible.

In September 2007, Bentley caused a sensation at the Frankfurt Motor Show by introducing the Continental GT Speed, a "high performance" version of the Continental GT coupé inspired by the famous 1920s Bentley "Speed" models. Powered by a 600-HP W12 engine with a top speed of 326 km/h (202mph) and a zero to 100 km/h sprint time of just 4.5 seconds, the Continental GT Speed is the most powerful production Bentley ever. Improvements to the chassis, suspension, steering and tyres have considerably enhanced the effortless overtaking capability of this model, as well as ensuring excellent roadhold and increased agility. The design has also been subtly reworked to reinforce the sporting character of this distinctive coupé.

To salute this major accomplish- ment, Breitling has redesigned the dashboard clock on the new Continental GT Speed. Its inherent aura of luxury is accentuated by a Breitling logo featuring the raised winged B in gold as well as silver- plated hands. Lending a particu- larly dynamic touch, the minute circle has been slimmed down and the hour circle is enlivened by four larger numerals marking the quarters. This constant quest for elegance and readability is enti rely in tune with the spirit of Breitling for Bentley chrono- graphs and watches.

Print 23.06.2021