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Beauty of the night - The Baignoire Watch

Beauty of the day and beauty of the night, the Baignoire watch is stylishly suitable for all occasions. A legendary Cartier timepiece for ladies, whose timeless femininity has been renewed by an injection of character and energy. Its streamlined silhouette, uncompromising look and simple design offer flawless elegance... A lesson in style for this new generation of a great Cartier classic, whose perfect oval shape and gracefulness make it the jeweller's most Parisian creation.

Showcasing exquisite lightness, this new version shines with excellence and balance to glorify the Cartier legacy through innovations in style: the gleaming faceted surfaces and precious curve of the original Baignoire’s domed case have been replaced by finely sculpted glass. A watch that embodies the contemporary urban woman by linking supreme gentleness and extreme rigour. An elegant feminine dream that revisits the brand’s major aesthetic codes: the straightness of Roman numerals, long flowing lines and a dotted “rail-track” detail on the dial. Beauty of the day, the Baignoire watch chooses its time. Now left bank and delicate, with its small model on leather or satin, now right bank and charismatic, with its stylish large model.

Beauty of the night, the Baignoire watch offers evening versions that dazzle with the radiance of all-gold or diamonds. Facets of the same watch, whose spirit of excellence has been rekindled by this new collection to provide an effect of deliberate refinement. The spirit of the Baignoire collection is, above all else, an unequivocal name that evokes a simply flawless design. A charming and original oval shape created in 1912. In 1956, the curved oval bracelet-watch, which still did not have a name, had already become a Cartier classic just like the Tank and Santos models. Further developed in 1968 in an extended or oversized version, it inspired numerous creative variations. It was only later on, in 1973, that the model was officially baptised “Baignoire”. A past worthy of an heiress, whose timeless allure is still being revisited even today.