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Carved in steel, cut out for adventureBREITLING SUPEROCEAN STEELFISH

Sturdiness, readability, functionality: since 1957, each generation of BREITLING SUPEROCEAN has distinguished itself by its peerless technical qualities and its sophisticated lines. Ablend of elegance and performance that has earned it a solid reputation among diver's watches.

The SUPEROCEAN STEELFISH special series is no exception to the rule. Encased in its steel shell, the STEELFISH is water-resistant to 1,500 meters, equivalent to an overpressure of 150 bars. To achieve this, it is equipped with a security valve capable of balancing out differences in pressure inside and outside the case. The STEELFISH is also characterized by a level of aesthetic refinement that is unparalleled in this product category. The sleek lines are underscored by the contrast between polished and satin-brushed surfaces. The elaborate, opulent dial is fitted with circular hour-markers and oversized hands ensuring optimal readability.

The SUPEROCEAN STEELFISH is powered by BREITLING Caliber 17, a chronometercertified selfwinding movement representing the ultimate in terms of precision and reliability. This extreme high-performance "wrist instrument" confirms BREITLING's vocation for accompanying the finest feats on land, under water and in the air.