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Miros CoussinMaurice Lacroix

New Retro Look Maurice Lacroix Miros Coussin Chronographe and Miros Coussin Réveil

In 2004, Maurice Lacroix’ designers accentuated the independent, distinct, and especially valuable aesthetics of the Miros even more. Now, the Miros Coussin models will be received by aficionados of the new Retro Look with great enthusiasm! Its pillow-shaped stainless steel case is an attention-getter of a special kind and brings to mind the thirties of the last century, in which design was newly defined. It is characterized by simple, slightly curved lines in which the rims protecting the screwed-in crown are nestled perfectly.

However, this fascinating, outer covering also holds a number of inner values in the form of useful functions: The Swiss quartz movement of the Miros Coussin Chronographe not only enables precise time stopping; this watch clearly displays the recorded time intervals also on a 10-minute counter near the “9” as well as on a 10-hour counter near the “6”, and in addition shows the current date in form of a practical large date display at 12 o’clock. The small seconds display near the “3” completes the balanced appearance of the dial.

With the Miros Coussin Réveil, there is no more excuse for oversleeping in the morning or missing important meetings. Two small hands displayed in an own circle near the “9” are used to set the alarm for the desired time. The small seconds near the “3” ensures a soothing symmetry of the dial that is part of this model also. And like the Miros Coussin Chronographe, the new alarm also has a large date display – but near 6 o’clock.

With dimensions of 37,5 x 39,6 mm, the case of the new Miros Coussin models plays a significant role in giving the dial a generous appearance. Maurice Lacroix used the dial space for generously sized, which means well readable, displays, and for large Roman numerals that admirably complement the case design. The numbers, which on their outside adapt their form to the pillow-shaped case and on the inside to the round dial centre, are matched in their colour to the respective dial, which depending on the model is available silver-coloured, in black, or charcoal. The diligently chosen leather wrist¬bands sown in different colours complement the harmony of the entire watch also. All in all, the new Miros Coussin is a watch for lovers of good design and perfectionists that pay attention to even the smallest of details.