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Linear. Compelling. Defined. Famous for having introduced ceramics into watchmaking, the Integral line by Rado now features a new chronograph. Attractive in its simplicity and spontaneity. The case appears from the front like two silver lines enclosing the crystal, reinforcing the model’s linearity. A feeling of verticality.

The black metalized sapphire crystal covers the case completely. Distinguished by its domed profile to complement the wrist perfectly, it becomes a statement as well as the epitome of comfort, enhanced by the supple structure of the leather bracelet. A fluidity equally successful in the ceramic bracelet, whose links inspire the shape of the push-pieces. Contrasting black and white, the dial exudes energy. Compact and resolutely graphic with its square, round-edged counters echoing the surrounding index.

A chronograph consistent and coherent in its finest details. A contemporary classic. Powerful. Free of all constraints.

Swiss made.