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A modern-day navigational instrumentBaselworld 2018: ARNOLD & SON shows the Globetrotter

The Globetrotter reimagines the world-time complication as a modern-day navigational instrument. Just as Arnold & Son’s marine chronometers accompanied early explorers on their journeys – including James Cook to the Pacific Ocean and Sir John Franklin to the icy waters of Northern Canada – the Globetrotter world timer is designed for today’s globetrotting adventurers.

Part of the Arnold & Son Instrument collection, the central focus of the watch is a large arched bridge that spans and supports a three-dimensional domed dial. This world time dome depicts the Earth’s continents and oceans from the North Pole and is made of brass, textured by chemical etching with a mask, followed by polishing and lacquering. The globe rotates, along with a transparent 24-hour ring that lines up with the red hour hand to indicate the second time zone.