Urban – the single-hand watch for newcomersPreview Baselworld 2018: MeisterSinger’s city kid

MeisterSinger makes mechanical watches for people who know just what is important to them – people who don’t constantly want to count the seconds, for instance – and want the things they surround themselves with to be smartly and meticulously designed.

MeisterSinger timepieces are all made according to a consistent style, which has already won the company numerous design awards. MeisterSinger watches typically feature twin hour digits all round and, above all, one single hour hand with a fine needle point that indicates the time.

The Urban, the latest creation in the collection, also features the typical hallmarks of a MeisterSinger – but in a variation that makes this new watch something completely unique and special, as it has particularly large digits placed at 12, 03, 06, and 09 o’clock in striking typography. The other hours are shown by small numbers and wedge-shaped indices that perfectly match the powerful shape of the single hand. A clear design that ideally matches the effortless outfit of the cosmopolitan global citizen, the streetscape of the modern city – and everyone who prefers simple elegance to complexity.

Clear design, robust movement

Encased in robust stainless steel, the Urban is powered by an automatic movement made in Japan, a country where the art of reduction and concentration on the essentials has also long been mastered. The unidirectional rotor of the 11.5-line caliber 8245 made by Miyota gathers enough energy for at least 42 hours of power reserve.

Consistent in both style and technology, the watch is the ideal companion for urban lifestyles. Only selecting the right model can be slightly more complicated, as the Urban comes in four different color variations: With a white dial and black type (supplemented by red hour digits in the minute scale), a black dial with light green type, a tobacco-colored dial with black type, and a blue dial with white type, but with additional red accents in the minute scale. The models all come with a smooth calfskin watchstrap in matching colors.

Print 27.06.2022