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120 hours of energy at a glance“Circularis Power Reserve” – the latest addition to the MeisterSinger premium line

MeisterSinger builds mechanical single-hand wristwatches that meet the utmost standards in terms of both technology and design. Its premium-line Circularis models are powered by movements exclusively developed by specialists and exactly tailored to meet MeisterSinger requirements.

The sophisticated mechanics ensure that the single hour hand typical for MeisterSinger runs with outstanding precision. Manfred Brassler, the founder of MeisterSinger, has given these calibers a unique design and the movement has already won several design awards. One of the many qualities of this movement and its automatic counterpart, the MSA01, is the fact that its twin mainspring barrels provide a power reserve of 120 hours when fully wound: 120 hours in which the watch runs with high precision without having to wind it or move the rotor.

The “Circularis Power Reserve”, which has now been presented at the Baselworld for the first time, manifests the potential of the hand-wound movement (MSH02) via a semi-circular display window located at 9 o’clock. At a glance, the wearer can see whether the watch has sufficient power reserve, even after a watch-free weekend. Its in-series design ensures the simultaneous winding of the mainspring barrels and smooth power delivery to the movement, guaranteeing exceptional precision with the qualities of a chronometer. Extensive changes to the movement were required in or-der to implement the unusual design of the power reserve display. The first main-spring barrel is being wound via its drum, the drum of the second barrel provides power to the movement. A differential determines and shows the difference in the ro-tations. The result is an indication that meets the aesthetic and functional standards one expects of a MeisterSinger.

Four versions, four exceptional designs

The “Circularis Power Reserve” with date is available in four versions, each featuring an ideally selected color combination of indices, dial, single hand, and alligator leather wrist strap. The versions with the black and the steel-gray sunburst dials feature superluminova on their hands and hour markings, whereas the hands of the ivory-colored model and the new opaline white version are blued. The appliques of all four versions are designed with a glossy finish and stand out from the dial in contrasting white, gold, or blue.

The stainless steel case of the “Circularis Power Reserve” is 43 millimeters in diame-ter and waterproof up to 5 bar. The workings of the elaborately finished hand-wound MSH02 movement are visible through the exhibition back, securely fastened with four screws.