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With in-house caliberThe CZAPEK Quai des Bergues N° 33s

An evocation of the original pocket watch made by François Czapek circa 1850, the Quai des Bergues N. 33bis lends itself to a 38.5-mm case, to give us the Quai des Bergues N. 33s. Such a classic size ensures this new iteration is suited to the most slender wrists and to collectors in search of a harmonious style that has travelled through time with continued elegance.

The soft curves of the case together with the balanced layout of the dial, inspired by early 1950s wristwatches, ensure that the Quai des Bergues N. 33s appeals not only to men, but also to women and their growing appreciation of fine mechanical watches. Czapek has more than risen to the challenge of fitting its 14¼-ligne proprietary movement into this new case, as shown by the harmony that defines this mechanical composition, which is visible through the sapphire back.