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Robust beauty at second glanceThe MeisterSinger Wallflower

“Wallflower” has always described people who are often overlooked, whether it’s for an invitation to dance or even for a promotion. There are also wallflowers among a manufacturer’s products, but they are not to be confused with slow sellers. Slow sellers often sell slowly for a good reason, but a wallflower is a real discovery.

Wallflowers are inconspicuous, which can also mean unpretentious, subtle, and reserved. Their quality, even in terms of design, is not always obvious in passing at first glance – not until the second glance. It is no accident that the Oxford ivy is known colloquially as the “wallflower”. A closer look shows that the admittedly small flowers have a special shape and color that botanists in the Middle Ages called the “navel of Venus.” Of course, no one is required to take this second glance, especially when something entirely different on either side demands attention. But those who venture a second glance get the pleasant surprise of discovering unexpected qualities: aesthetic and technical arguments for a product that does not loudly draw attention to itself, but which is still intensely and exclusively prized by its owner, who has learned to appreciate it.

Rediscovering the pocket watch

MeisterSinger features a wallflower with subtle beauty and robust technology in its product line – the pocket watch. It consistently follows the brand’s design maxim and the sense of time for people who don’t divide their day into the smallest units of time and don’t let themselves be hounded by seconds. For one, company founder Manfred Brassler took inspiration from early pocket watches to include in the design of his own watches. In addition, those who manage their own time don’t need to have a wristwatch constantly in front of their eyes. If the owner of a pocket watch like this wants to know what time it is, they pull it out and enjoy its well-balanced design. The smooth case, made of stainless steel, frames a large clock face available in either white or ivory. The time, as indicated with a single blue hour hand, can be read effortlessly.

The watch is powered by a traditional Swiss pocket watch movement (Unitas 6498-1), which the owner winds by hand using the crown at 12:00 o’clock – right where the stainless steel chain is attached to the watch. A beautiful ritual, and a watch for those who know not to overlook such quality.