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A small time capsule for herAlliance Small: The new ladies’ timepieces by Victorinox Swiss Army

Celestial inspiration encounters grounded functionality in new ladies’ timepieces by Victorinox Swiss Army. The creative process behind six Alliance Small watches comprised a vision of a cosmic sky in constant movement.

Why on earth look at something so huge to produce something small? The aim was to launch a compact interpretation of an existing iconic design into the expansive universe of the confident, contemporary female. It’s taken off.

Consecutive round circles, symbolizing planetary motion, structure the Alliance Small. A timeless, round, 35 mm polished case contains a lacquered circular zone direcly underneath the applied indices. Each watch’s center is a perfect mother of pearl circle that gleams like a mesmerizing full moon. In orbit around six o’clock are a round diamond, reminding of stardust, and a round date aperture. Carrying the theme of the full moon’s perfect sphere to a logical conclusion is an engraved crescent shape on the case back.

The conversational piece of the Alliance Small range incorporates moonphase functionality, displayed on the top half of a midnight blue dial. It comes with the choice of a metal bracelet or a dark blue leather strap that elegantly orbits the wrist twice. Other interpretations integrate a dial resembling a black or silvery moon and a choice of black or grey leather straps, or a monochrome or bi-color metal bracelet. These watches for her encapsulate time in modernity and functionality.