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A cutting-edge confection to sink your teeth into this fallRado timepieces in chocolate brown high-tech ceramic

Rado is paying homage to its Swiss roots with an exquisite new range of timepieces in chocolate brown high-tech ceramic, a unique colour and material combination that evokes the artistry and craftsmanship of Switzerland’s famed Maîtres Chocolatiers. The Rado HyperChrome family, known for its embodiment of everyday elegance, has added three new watches in this glossy chocolate colour just in time for the festive season.

The three cocoa-coloured models – the HyperChrome Automatic, HyperChrome Automatic Chronograph Tachymeter, and Limited Edition HyperChrome Automatic Diamonds – will help you set the table for your holiday feast in style. The tasty trio comes in three sizes and is crafted in a luminous earthen hue paired with chic rose-gold coloured accents, making these timepieces equally at home in the chalet or the city.

Cutting-edge wrist candy

Chameleon-like chocolate ceramic adapts to subtle changes in the lighting conditions, transitioning from sweet and light to velvety and dark, just like the Swiss confections that inspired it. The result: bold but versatile autumnal accents ideal for a range of outfits and skin tones – the perfect pieces to pair with a woolen blazer or cashmere sweater. A luxurious alternative to the classic tortoiseshell pattern, Rado’s brown high-tech ceramic is a captivating neutral that adds understated interest to any fall or winter ensemble.

Rado’s chocolate brown HyperChrome timekeepers are not only objects of desire, but also objects of everlasting beauty. Thanks to the properties of Rado’s high tech ceramic, their rich brown hue will not fade over time. They also boast all the usual benefits of watches crafted from high-tech ceramic: Scratch resistant and lightweight, the innovative material also adapts to the wearer’s body temperature, making for a cozy wearing experience.

Sumptuous chocolate brown ceramic is the latest in Rado’s notable range of high-tech ceramic colours – the inaugural black first pioneered by the watchmaker three decades ago, followed by a pristine white, an elegant grey, and a metallic plasma. Like its predecessors, it is available in both polished and matt finishes. Creating consistent colours with ceramic processes is notoriously difficult, but Rado’s mastery of materials and vision of superior quality have made these concerns a thing of the past.