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1.053 caratsSummertime: The Concord Mariner Lady

The characteristically relaxed atmosphere of a marina. Long evenings spent on the pontoon, a gentle breeze floating in the air. The inspiration for a sophisticated and modern watch for men and women. Its name: Mariner.

Unveiled last year, it now welcomes a new version for women that takes elegance and style to a new level. Crafted from steel, it boasts a delicately diamond-set bezel surrounding a mother-of-pearl dial whose gentle sheen captures the mood of a beautiful summer's evening, overlooking the sea. And yet the eye is irresistibly drawn to the bracelet. Set with an astonishing 200 diamonds, it brings an air of eternity to the wrist.

An ode to femininity culminating in 1.053 carats between the bracelet, bezel and dial.