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Without being flashy but with a changeable strap.BASELWORLD 2013: MeisterSinger makes a stylish watch

After a long winter it is high time for spring, sunshine and colour. Everything has been grey and drab for far too long. MeisterSinger is bringing the new NEO F Q on to the market just in time for the first warm rays of the sun.

Not only does it symbolise the start of spring with its light and timeless colours, but it also introduces a watch with single-hand technology specifically made with women in mind for the first time. Why should slow movement and tranquillity on your wrist only be reserved for men?

Single hand technology in a female design

The NEO F Q design has carefully been thought through and reflects MeisterSinger’s longstanding experience in the field of single hand technology. And it is done without forgoing any fashion demands, female elegance or class. This makes the NEO F Q perfect for any occasions. And whoever does not want to give up the second hand, the NEO F Q is also available as a two-hand watch.

Changeable watch strap

The NEO F Q’s special highlight: It comes with a delicate velour second strap. The NEO F Q straps are fitted with a quick change system which allows the look of the watch to be changed easily and quickly at home to suit all occasions. Thanks to the mobile spring bar which releases and attaches the strap at the touch of a button, women can spontaneously decide which style they’d prefer on any given day.

The brand MeisterSinger

Since MeisterSinger presented its first watches at Baselworld 2001, time has slowed down for increasingly more people all over the world: inspired by the very first timepieces, the single hand on the “Ur-Uhr” moves every five minutes. This changes your perception – and seemingly lets time pass by more slowly.

Today, a decade on, MeisterSinger has established itself as the international market leader for single-hand watches. Renowned prizes for design attest to the successful style and characteristic aesthetics of MeisterSinger watches – only those who wear one can experience their therapeutic effect on the perception of time.