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In gray, the watches the height of eleganceBASELWORLD 2013: Now watches from NOMOS Glashütte are available in a new masculine size

Bigger, thinner, more elegant: The NOMOS classics Orion, Tangente and Ludwig are now available with a diameter of 38 millimeters—which make these watches, with their Glashütte hand-wound manufactory movement, look much bigger. The watches have grown as the way people see things has changed over the years: the classic watches—which once seemed fine on a man’s wrist—nowadays appear a bit small to many.

The faces of the new NOMOS class are clear-cut, their proportions perfect. And ticking away inside is the tried and tested NOMOS hand-wound Alpha movement.

The 38 millimeter watches with a date function have already been in great demand for the last three years. But they haven’t been available without one (and therefore less expensive) until now. So NOMOS Glashütte is filling a gap in its range.

Incidentally, the Orion model—with its wonderfully curved dial and glass which gives this watch an almost ethereal quality—will appear on the market in two versions: Orion 38 and Orion 38 grau. And, for now, the designers at NOMOS think the gray color of the new Orion is the very height of elegance.