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Ahoi Glashütte!BASELWORLD 2013: Now there are classic hand-made watches for sports fans too

NOMOS Glashütte is launching the swimming pool season with Ahoi: a watch that fulfills a lot of wishes. The combination of fine Glashütte craftsmanship, the best design from Berlin and an unusually robust casing that is almost indestructible: this watch from NOMOS Glashütte combines seemingly incompatible features in the most marvelous way.

In spite of its new coloring, the dial reminds you of the NOMOS classic Tangomat. But although the form created by NOMOS’ designer Thomas Höhnel, 40, in Berlin retains the Tangomat’s elegance, it’s much more sporty—and more upbeat, more modern and with more aplomb than most other watches out there. With or without an extra large date indicator, Ahoi simply offers more.

The new model’s aligned bezel, domed watch glass and flank guard mean it cuts an exquisite figure on the beach, for example; the extra thick sapphire crystal base and crown ensure everything stays tightly sealed: down to 20 bars, or 200 meters. Add to that a new waterproof watchstrap with NOMOS’ own special winged clasp. A small red second hand and a dash of blue also reflect the colors of summer. All this makes you think back to those happy days by the pool in your youth: the teenagers on the five meter diving board, the girls in polka dot bikinis, the faint scent of sun cream. Or that night when you and some friends snuck into the local pool and went skinny dipping—until the cops turned up and drove you all out, screaming with laughter. The new watch on your wrist will also show you where the time has gone: luminous indices and hands also make Ahoi from NOMOS Glashütte the perfect timepiece for use in the dark.

Also new: the watch comes with a strap of black waterproof fabric with NOMOS’ own wing clasp, specially designed so that it won’t come undone when you jump into the water. And for use on dry land, the first purchasers will also receive NOMOS’ classic Horween Shell Cordovan watchstrap free-of-charge—in the starter kit with an original NOMOS watchstrap replacement tool. That means Ahoi wearers are ready for any eventuality, wherever they are.

What about the movement? Time is kept either by the NOMOS Epsilon caliber (without the date) or the Zeta (with date)—both are renowned for their accuracy and the performance of their mainsprings. A 40 mm diameter watch for watersports and holidays, it’s also well-suited too hill-walking and bicycle tours—and for effortless everyday wear as well, whether in the office, chambers, practice or editorial department.