Expertise in precision watchmaking BASELWORLD 2013: The Tissot T-Complication Squelette

Tissot is revealing the innermost secrets of its deep-rooted expertise in precision watchmaking with the Tissot T-Complication Squelette. Modernity meets meticulous craftsmanship via a wheel-inspired design and specially developed movement, presenting a fascinating 3D experience without the need for any special eyewear.

Zealously at work behind the five “spokes” spreading out below the crystal is a hand-wound, mechanical skeleton movement with very little left to the imagination. Luxurious finishes and design details seamlessly link tradition with contemporary styling for wearers who love to bear witness to the visible connections between yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Watching the passage of time

Precision watchmaking has zero tolerance of error margins and the Tissot T-Complication delights in displaying its accuracy for all to see. Each small detail celebrates the beauty of visualising the passage of time.  Elegant navy blue detail, matched by the movement’s screws, makes reading the time an easily accessible pleasure, while a 90° angle between the dial and case side makes an ultra-modern statement.

Even the second counter is engraved as such to underline the theme of pure transparency. Slanting ridges on the winder, glistening jewels and lugs that mirror the shaping of the wheel spokes confirm that no detail is too small to escape the notice of the watchmaker or the wearer. A classical, crocodile pattern, black leather strap is signed off with a folding clasp integrating two push-buttons.

Print 18.01.2022