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A creative reinterpretation of the hour, minute and second elementsBASELWORLD 2013: The Tissot Couturier Kleine Sekunde

Tissot has turned the tables on time in the Tissot Couturier Small Second. Inspiration for the eye-catching asymmetric dial design comes from its small second movement that gives the seconds welcome independence. The offset positioning of the two counters, which gravitate towards one o’clock, leaves the date display room to manoeuvre too.

This teases the eye further with its unusual location at nine o’clock. In this finely crafted timepiece, an A to Z of elegance showcases the unique Tissot expertise in harmoniously uniting sophistication and accessibility. The Tissot Couturier Small Second is tailored to attract both passionate watch enthusiasts and ‘in-the-moment’ style aficionados.

A new take on time

A creative reinterpretation of the hour, minute and second elements of time-telling has opened up many new design avenues.  Fascinating detail, quality contemporary materials and a highly accurate automatic movement complement the distinctive asymmetric face. Like a fine piece of couture, the Tissot Couturier Small Second is characterised by crisply clean lines, a flowing shape and appealing texture. The latter is strongly expressed by the clearly defined surfaces of the 39 mm case’s thoroughly modern form and by the tiny, 3-D geometric shapes separating the hours like stylised mini-mountains.

True to the made-to-measure character suggested by the family’s name, the small second version comes in three very different outfits to show off the brushed and polished surfaces. There is a luxurious rose gold PVD interpretation with an integrated black leather strap secured by two push-buttons. The same strap type in brown adds the finishing touch to a silver stainless steel case, which is also available with a matching stainless steel bracelet.